A Catered Affair!
Season 4, Episode 4
I'm So Unhappy
Air Date 1989
Previous Bully for You!
Next Search and Rescue!

A Catered Affair! was episode 38.


The Pigs sign on to cater Mr. Knox's anniversary party to make some extra money for their up coming holidays. However, Lady Baden-Baden is employed at the Blue Spruce Cafe to Knox's displeasure, leading to a great dispute. Meanwhile, Cyril gets word of the Pigs working for Knox, and feels that they are deserting him. In attempt to win them back, Cyril must help the Pigs save Knox and Baden-Baden's marriage.


Lady Baden-Baden asserts herself as an independent, working woman. "Old school" Knox is opposed to this which causes their separation. Eventually, Knox experiences some contrition, but is he too late? Finally, Knox and Lady Baden-Baden are reunited and everybody's better for it.




  • The Evergreen 504 engine makes its appearence, and whistles, and starts out of the station, taking its caboose and passengers aboard.
  • Sophia and Mr. Mammoth can be seen in a wide shot during the party at the end of the episode.

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