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Bert Raccoon
Bert Raccoon


Bert Raccoon
Benoît Laveur

First Appeared

The Christmas Raccoons

Voiced By

Len Carlson (1980-1991)
Gilbert LaChance (French version)
Aleksandr Ryzhkov (Russian version)
Aarre Karén (Finnish version)
Thomas Schüler (German version)





Birth date

late 1950s/early 1960s


Reporter for the Evergreen Standard, hockey star, baseball legend, go-cart guru, rock 'n roll star, peanut butter lover, ace reporter


Gertie (only met in Power Trip!)
Cedric (best friend)
Henri de la Possum (only met once in The Artful Dodger!)
Herman (only met in Read No Evil!)
Julie (only met once in The Christmas Raccoons)
Tommy (only met once in The Christmas Raccoons)
Ranger Dan (only met once in The Christmas Raccoons)
Miss Primrose (only met in Making the Grade!)
Annie Ringtail
Troy Malone (only met in The Sky's the Limit!)
Professor Smedley-Smythe
The Great Tromboni (only met in The Great Escape!)


Cyril Sneer (formerly)
The Pigs (formerly)
Milton Midas
Robin Steel
Rod Steel
Mr. Knox
The Bears
Donna (only met in Join the Club!)


Unnamed adoptive lizard (mentioned in The Headline Hunter!)

Bert Raccoon is the show's main protagonist and raccoon. (image source:


When Bert moved from Metropolis, he was lucky enough to become the permanent houseguest of Ralph, his childhood friend. Since then, life at the Raccoondominium has never been the same.

Because of his cocky personality, he could possibly be the youngest of the three main raccoons, despite the fact he's somewhat taller than Ralph and Melissa.


Hockey star, baseball legend, go-cart guru, rock 'n roll star, peanut butter lover, ace reporter - Raccoon Extraordinaire! You name it, Bert has done it. Sometimes well, sometimes not so well! Bert is the best at whatever he tries (well at least according to him). Bert tells his friends and anyone who will listen, that he is one of the greatest raccoons who ever lived!

One thing everyone knows for sure - Bert is the "best friend" anyone could ask for! He has a great big heart and he is the first to come to anyone's aid in the Evergreen Forest. And they all know that with the crazy adventures that happen in the Evergreen Forest, Bert Raccoon is never far behind with his trusty peanut butter.

His favorite catchphrase is "Yahoo!".


Bert has appeared in all specials, episodes and a reboot since his debut. He is also the only one of the three main raccoons to have spoken in every episode of the original seires.


Bert wears his red and yellow sweater with a yellow letter "B" on it.


Cedric Sneer[]

Cedric is Bert's best friend, and always has been since their childhood.

Ralph Raccoon[]

Ralph is another one of Bert's childhood friends (Bert often nicknames him "Ralphie-Boy") and they get on like most boys do, by keeping secrets from the girls (A Night to Remember) or even playing games of ice hockey (The Raccoons on Ice). Bert can be annoying for Ralph though by adding peanut butter to his gourmet food or even with his antics (The Artful Dodger!). However Ralph can annoy Bert when he makes bad puns involving him (Science Friction!, Moving In!); others find the jokes funny but Bert just knows Ralph is the worst at making jokes.

Melissa Raccoon[]

Melissa is yet another one of Bert's childhood friends, and his antics keeps her occupied. Like Ralph, Melissa sometimes gets annoyed by this, but she also appreciates his sense of humor (Stop the Clock!, The Headline Hunter!). Bert is often better at making Melissa laugh than Ralph. Bert will sometimes seek her advice whenever one of his friends is having a problem (Bully for You!, Join the Club!). 

Cyril Sneer[]

Cyril is Bert's biggest rival, although the two have their moments of peace, these two are usually battling to come out on top, when Cyril tries to cause chaos in the forest, you can depend on Bert to bring Cyril down back to earth again.

The Pigs[]

Like Cyril, Bert hates the Pigs, but he hates them because they're affiliated with Cyril and that they cause trouble for him, Ralph and Melissa by doing Cyril's dirty work for him to try and prevent them from writing out against Cyril in the Evergreen Standard.

Mr. Knox[]

Bert has a neutral relationship with Mr. Knox, Bert's usually around to get a story out of him for the Standard and is usually there with him whenever a mystery arises.

Bentley Raccoon[]

Bentley looks up to Bert like a big brother.

Lisa Raccoon[]

Bert was instantly smitten when he laid his eyes on Lisa, he even went on a date with her, this however was only shown once, after "Spring Fever!", Bert's relationship with Lisa the same relationship he shares with Melissa. Acting like a best friend but also being a bit cheeky to her like Bentley is, but ultimately they're always friends. But the biggest moment Bert had with Lisa was when he gave her a stern warning about smoking (Join the Club!) and how it affected her.


Bert treats Broo with love and respect and Broo is always there to get help for him when he's in a jam (that means in a difficult situation).


Bert has a good friendship with Schaeffer, he can always depend on Schaeffer to help him out and give him advice when he needs it. Bert often helps Schaeffer out at the Blue Spruce Cafe when the workload gets too heavy for Schaeffer to manage alone.

George Raccoon[]

Nicole Raccoon[]

Sophia Tutu[]

Herman Zechariah Stroll[]

Miss Primrose[]

Miss Primrose is Bert's old school teacher.

Gertie Raccoon[]


Annie Ringtail[]

Suey-Ellen Pig[]

Troy Malone[]

The Great Tromboni[]


Henri de la Possum[]

Bonneville Knox[]

Dan the Forest Ranger[]



Robin Steel[]

Rod Steel[]

Milton Midas[]

Mr. Willow[]



  • In the Canadian-French version of the cartoon, Bert's name is Benoît Laveur.
  • In the Finnish version of the cartoon, Bert's name is Benkku Pesukarhu


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