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Bix Wheelie

Bix Wheelie is a cocky motocross champion badger, who is leader of the Badger Bix Bike Club, a small group of motorcycle enthusiasts. Voiced by Hadley Kay. He appears in Life in the Fast Lane!.


Bix disregards the safety and welfare of others, including the members of his own gang, which eventually leads to the group's dissolution. His father owns a GX-250-V12-ZXL with super turbo overdrive.


Bix has committed the following offenses:

  • Damage to private property - When he smashed a hole in Cyril's boat and when he set his garage on fire.
  • Endangering the public - When he let Bert ride Toof's bike when it had no brakes and he did nothing to help.
  • Arson - He set Cyril's garage on fire.
  • Disturbing the Peace - by playing loud music in the middle of the night.
  • Reckless Endangerment - When he ran off after he started the fire and left Bert and Wendo for dead.
  • Breaking and Entering - When he and his friends broke into Cyril's garage.


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