• JariCohn

    Did I give a permission to upload artworks I did on Deviantart? I'm pretty sure I didn't. My Deviantart page has a stamp that says "My arts and photos are not stock. Do not use, modify or redistribute."

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  • The raccoons reboot 34383

    The raccoons reboot coming in 2020 beginning with holiday special entitled when raccoons fly!

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  • Sd-100

    A season 6 that never was.

    August 18, 2019 by Sd-100

    I don't know if we could trust the sources coming from TV Tropes but I saw a interesting stuff about what could have been.[http://]

    • A sixth season was in the works, but was shelved due to the box office failure of the Gillis-produced The Nutcracker Prince.

    If part of this was true. I wonder which direction Kevin Gillis could had bring The Raccoons for a season 6? 

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  • Sd-100

    Cyril and Mrs. Pig

    October 8, 2014 by Sd-100

    It's the first time I post on this blog. How the relationship between Cyril Sneer and Mrs. Pig could had go? At the end of "Promises Promises" they go together in a picnic and there's might be more then meet the eyes. Imagine what if the series had 2 or 3 more seasons in the run.

    I spotted a Raccoon fanfiction on about Cyril Sneer and Mrs. Pig titled "Someone like you".

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