Easy Money!
Season 5, Episode 5
A Little Brother Like You
Air Date 1990
Previous End of the Line!
Next Endless Summer!

Easy Money! was episode 52.


When Bentley destroys Bert's new RC car, he turns to an advertising scam to repay the debt, resulting in he and the Pigs getting trapped in the Endless Echo Caverns. Now Bert, Lisa and Cedric must brave the underground tunnels of Evergreen Lake to set them free.


After Bentley breaks Bert's remote control car (and additionally The Raccoondominium's kitchen window), he's in desperate need of money. Instead of taking the working route which Lisa has, as Professor Smedley-Smythe's assistant, he's determined to find a Colonel Jethro Smith treasure map in the Endless Echo Caverns. Snag also runs away before the Evergreen Dog Show.

As Bentley ventures forth for the caverns in search of his treasure, Lisa overcomes her anger toward him and assists Bert and Cedric in a rescue mission. Meanwhile, the Pigs find Bentley after running away from Snag, and are lost together. Finally, Bentley and the Pigs are rescued, but of greatest importance is the fact that Bentley realizes the importance of hard work to get what he wants.




  • Cyril states that Snag is a Bluepoint Ridgeback Retriever.
  • Stock footage from Moving In! is used.
  • Lisa states in this episode that she's been working in the Evergreen Museum for a month to save for a pair of Super-Foam Power-Surged Basketball shoes.
  • Bentley calls himself "Bentley Raccoon, Esquire".
  • Broo wins an award for "Best Puppy" in the Evergreen Dog Show.
  • Professor Smedley-Smythe notes that he has a little brother.
  • Bentley's family own a Jeep Cherokee (XJ).
  • The RC car Bentley wrecks is based on a formula 1 racing car.

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