"This is the Evergreen Forest. Quiet, peaceful, serene... That is until Bert Raccoon wakes up. Luckily, he has some good friends to help him out. Life would be simple in the forest except for... Cyril Sneer. And his life would be simple except for... The Raccoons!"

The Evergreen Forest is "somewhere on this earth, most slightly a ways northward and a short distance past the horizon". There are trees so big that the forest animals make their homes in them. There are also the people who look after the forest.

Location Edit

The Evergreen Forest's location appears to be in British Columbia.

It also seems to be partially inspired by the area around Lake Clear, Ontario, where Kevin Gillis grew up.

Residents Edit

Most of the characters in the series live in the Evergreen Forest.

  • Ralph Raccoon (editor for Evergreen Standard, lives with wife Melissa, along with Bert and Broo in Raccoondominium)
  • Melissa Raccoon (photographer for Evergreen Standard, lives with husband Ralph, along with Bert and Broo in Raccoondominium)
  • Broo (lives with Bert, Ralph and Melissa in Raccoondominium)
  • Cedric Sneer (Cyril's son, now co-head of Sneer Enterprises with father as of finale)
  • Snag (lives with his masters, Cyril and Cedric Sneer)
  • The Pigs (Cyril Sneer's employees, lives in Sneer Mansion)
  • The Bears (Cyril's additional henchmen, also live in Sneer Mansion)
  • Sophia Tutu (Cedric's girlfriend, social columnist for Evergreen Standard)
  • Nicole Raccoon (George's French-accented wife, Lisa and Bentley's mother)
  • Lisa Raccoon (Bert's love interest, George and Nicole's daughter, Bentley's older sister, helps clean up Evergreen Museum)
  • Bentley Raccoon (Lisa's computer-smart little brother, George and Nicole's son, 7th grader)
  • Fern (former groundskeeper of Sneer Family)