Bentley's Wedding is a fanepisode that aired on October 3, 1992.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Elsie, a girl raccoon from Bentley's school wants to marry him, which worries his parents. (But let me tell you... Bentley and Elsie will get married in the future as they get older.)

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Cold Opening[edit | edit source]

(As Bentley is on his computer, until his shoulder is tapped by a girl raccoon around his age.)

Elsie - You must be Bentley. I'm Elsie.

Bentley - Oh, hello.

(In the kitchen as Bentley's family is eating dinner...)

George - Is something wrong, son?

Bentley - Well, I have a wedding to go to.

(Inside the Evergreen Standard...)

Melissa - So, who's getting married?

Lisa - You won't like it, Aunt Melissa.

Melissa - What?

(Cyril is flailing in a pile of foliage, then the scene changes to outside Bentley's house as the guests are wearing tuxedos and dresses.)

Bentley - Elsie, look out!

Main Story[edit | edit source]

(The scene opens to where Bentley is outside walking home, holding his computer. The title card "Bentley's Wedding" appears and vanishes in four seconds)

Narrator - As most kids look forward to the weekend and their futures, little Bentley is looking forward to his day with his family. (opens his computer and checks it)

Bentley - Hmm. I could helm Mom tend to her garden, give Dad culinary ideas for his show, play board games with Lisa or Bert... (A shadow approaches Bentley, then playfully vanishes when Bentley looks left or right. Then Bentley's shoulder is tapped by a raccoon's paw, Bentley notices a girl raccoon around Bentley's age.)

Girl Raccoon - Hello.

Bentley - Yikes! (jumps out) What are you—? My computer! (frantically checks it) Whew... it's not damaged.

Girl Raccoon - You must be Bentley.

Bentley - Yeah. To know my name, you must be from my school.

Girl Raccoon - I'm Elsie. Sorry I scared you.

Bentley - It's okay. Do you like computers as well?

Elsie - Yes, but my parents don't like them. They say it distracts me from... the family business.

Bentley - Family business?

Elsie - Yes. (gives a folded piece of paper to Bentley) Open it when you get home. (runs off as Bentley looks at the paper with a bewildered look)

(The screen fades in to Sneer Mansion, where Cyril is looking at a checklist)

Cyril - Hmm. Dining room, clean. Kitchen, spotless. Music room, good. Juice bar, all essentials intact. Greenhouse, more than enough foliage to cover a town statue. Foliage?! Pigs! Greenhouse! Tout suite! (The Pigs come down) Care to explain this?

Pig 1 - Uh... the growing vines?

Cyril - No, I was meaning the wilting violets. (shouting) Of course, I mean the growing vines! Get them out of the greenhouse! And put it in the compost!

Pig 2 - Uh... compost? (Cyril screams in frustration and pulls his ears as the scene changes to inside Bentley's room.)

Bentley - (sighs) Okay, so now that I'm home... (pulls out the paper and unfolds it.) Huh? "Mr. Bentley Raccoon, in hopes that You and My daughter will be more than friends, the five preferences in particular are as follows, 1. Must be around the same age as My daughter, Not a month younger or older. 2. Must have a kind heart. 3. Must have no less than one extracurricular skill. 4. Must have great knowledge of agriculture. 5. Must have a desire to make the future better for everyone. P.S. Come to Forest Bowl at 11 AM." Preferences...? Hmm.

Nicole - Lisa? Bentley? Dinner's almost ready!

Bentley - Okay, Mom! (Goes down the stairs.)

(In the dining room, everyone is having dinner, sliced burdock roots, of course, a worried Bentley is almost finished eating his share, which made his parents worry)

George - Is something wrong, son?

Bentley - Huh?

George - You haven't spoken since dinner started. Did something happen at school?

Bentley - Oh. A girl talked to me after class, Dad.

Nicole - A girl talked to you?

Bentley - Um... yes.

George - Wow! Bentley, I'm proud of you. Your very first girlfriend.

Bentley - Girlfriend? Dad, I didn't mean— (sighs) Never mind. Dad, If it's alright, I'll probably be going to the Forest Bowl at 11 in the morning.

George - Of course, You can go to the Forest Bowl, son. You don't have to ask for my permission. just as long as you tell me, your Mom or Lisa where you'll be going.

Bentley - Okay, Dad. (Walks to His room.) I'll be going to bed.

Nicole - It’s only 9 PM, son.

George - Son, don't you want dessert?

Bentley - No, thank you. (He continues going up as Lisa looks up, worried.)

(The scene changes to inside the Raccoondominium, inside a phone rings.)

Melissa - I'll get it. (picks up the phone) Hello? Oh, sure. It's for you, Ralph. (gives the phone to Ralph)

Ralph - Hello? Oh, George! What's going on? Huh? Really? That's something. All right. But, I'm sure Melissa's better at romantic advice than me. Okay, we'll go with Bentley to the Forest Bowl. Bye. (hangs up the phone as Bert stirs) Well, Melissa. George told me Bentley might have a girlfriend.

Melissa - A girlfriend?

Ralph - Yes. You, me, and Bentley will be going to the Forest Bowl at 11. Before then, we could give Bentley some advice.

Bert - Yahoo! Bentley's in love!

Melissa - Bert? How long were you listening?

Ralph - Bert, we don't know the name of the girl. Also... me and Melissa will be going to the Forest Bowl. Bert will be... staying home.

Bert - Ralph, are you saying I have the flu? A cold? A fever?

Ralph - No. I think he meant, you can't come along with us. Can you?

Bert - No, don't sugarcoat it. I can take a hint. (walks off to his room)

(the scene changes to Bentley's house as the sun rises.)

Bentley - I'll come back in a few hours, Dad!

George - Have fun, son. Ralph and Melissa will chaperone you.

Bentley - Thanks, Dad! Bye!

(Bentley heads for the Forest Bowl. Soon, at the Forest Bowl, Elsie is waiting outside.)

Elsie - Hmm. He has a kind heart. He's very good with computers, and skipped a few grades in school. (The opening notes of "Teach Me" start.) If Bentley has the other two before noon... perhaps... (The song starts as Elsie imagines her wedding with Bentley at the age of 20s. They hold paws as they look at each other's eyes. Then, outside, Bentley and Elsie leave the church as the wedding-goers throw rice and cheer. In a modern house, Bentley and Elsie (at the age of late 30s/early 40s) tend to their two raccoon young-lings, one is a female version of Bentley, the other a male version of Elsie. Then in a porch, Bentley and Elsie look at the night sky, then the dream dissolves as the song ends.) A bright future. (She sees Bentley with Ralph and Melissa approach the area.) Hmm. Bentley’s here.

Melissa - ...We felt like Bert might cause more harm than good.

Elsie - Bentley! You're two minutes early. And I see you brought your parents.

Ralph/Melissa - Parents?

Bentley - Um, Elsie? This is my uncle Ralph and my aunt Melissa.

Elsie - Nice to meet you.

Melissa - Hello.

Ralph - I heard from My brother that You’re Bentley’s girlfriend.

Elsie - Not quite. I’m just selecting for myself. And not from the interference of my father.

Melissa - Your father?

Elsie - Yes. His restaurant franchise is known for it’s freshly made vegetable recipes. Of course I looked up to him, until I realized that all He cares about is money.

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