Charity Begins at Home! is a fanepisode that aired on March 24, 1992.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ralph and Melissa arrange a charity event where their friends and family participate as clowns, while Cedric takes up beekeeping.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Cold Opening[edit | edit source]

Ralph - We'll arrange a charity event for the forest.

Melissa - But, what will the event be?

Ralph - Hmm... not a talent show...

Bert - Is something the matter, Cedric?

Cedric - Well, the bees aren't being reliable.

Pig 3 - Master Cedric is taking up beekeeping for charity.

Cyril - Beekeeping?!

Bert - Cedric, look out!

Cedric - (screams)

Main Story[edit | edit source]

(The scene opens with the sun rising on the Raccoondominium, with the words, "Charity Begins at Home!" appear and vanish after a few seconds.)

Narrator - In the world we live in, special occasions like graduations, birthday parties, and weddings are a cause to celebrate. But sometimes, even special occasions would need extra help, like Ralph Raccoon, who is arranging a charity event with great difficulty.

Ralph - (on the phone) I know that, but, I don't have many performers for the event, and my first four choices are too expensive— (a phone click is heard) Hello? (sighs; hangs up the phone) Well, the crimson wall jumpers turned us down.

Melissa - At least you have George to come as a performing chef.

Ralph - Yes, he is my brother, you know. But, I don’t think one performer will be enough. Since, we don't have any caterers, a place to have the event—

Bert - Will two be enough? (comes in wearing a clown costume, juggling three baseballs) Huh? Huh?

Ralph - Ohh... look, Bert. I appreciate what you're doing. But, I need to have professional performers in the event.

Melissa - But, they all want an expensive fee just to perform. (Bert loses his concentration and drops the baseballs.)

Ralph - (sighs) All right. But, find something that people will get their attention on, because juggling baseballs-- how many did Bert juggle?

Melissa - Three. Not many could achieve that kind of number.

Ralph - Well, it's a start. But, with the lack of performers... Hmm.

(The scene changes to outside the Sneer Mansion, and Cedric signs a paper held by a rabbit.)

Rabbit - Thank you. There's two outfits with gloves, plenty of boxes, some books about beekeeping, and other equipment, including medication, if you get stung.

Cedric - Thank you. Um, how do I--

Rabbit - Well, you'll have to gather Your own bees to come to the hive, or perhaps buy a swarm.

Cedric - Hmm. How much is a swarm?

Rabbit - Hmm. I’d say 140 dollars.

Cedric - Oh. I guess I’ll just find my own honey bees. Thanks, anyway. (goes to Put his equipment in the courtyard)

Rabbit - Wait, Mr. Sneer! Gathering honeybees is not a task for— Ohh...

(Outside Bentley’s house, Bert is talking with Bentley and Lisa.)

Lisa - So, you want ideas for Uncle Ralph’s charity event?

Bert - Yeah. He thinks (talks in a more mature voice) juggling three baseballs isn’t enough to get people’s attention. (Lisa laughs softly.) Oh. Thank You. Um... by any chance you want to be in the event?

Bentley - No kidding?

Lisa - Yes, please! Wait. Perhaps I should ask Dad.

Bentley - I don’t know, Lisa. Chances are, Dad will say ”No”.

(The scene changes to the Dining Room.)

George - Lisa, of course you can participate in My brother’s talent show.

Lisa - Really?

George - Yes. There aren’t many performers as of yet. I know you’re a born athlete.

Lisa - Well, You’re right about that, Dad.

Bentley - Lisa, could I speak with You?

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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