Flooded! is a fanepisode that aired on October 17, 1992.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A flood hits the Evergreen Forest, and one of the few spots that isn't flooded is the Raccoondominium!

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Cold Opening[edit | edit source]

Bert - It’s been raining for three days...

Ralph - Our crops are being waterlogged.

George - You don’t mind letting us stay, do You?

Ralph - You, too?

Cyril - To think I should have been more prepared against a flood.

Bentley - The water level... it’s rising.

Ralph - Get to higher ground! Hurry!

Main Story[edit | edit source]

(On a quiet night, some dark clouds were forming as the title "Flooded!" appears and disappears for a few seconds. then We pan down to Ralph and Melissa on the same collapsible chair looking at the stars while wrapping their tails around each other.)

Melissa - Oh! I just saw one. You were right, Ralph. The shooting stars are coming in quite well.

Ralph - Yeah. It's more than dark enough to see them. (A Dark cloud approaches.) Oh...

Melissa - It's alright, Ralph. There's always tomorrow. besides, one cloud can't ruin our good time. (More clouds approach.)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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