Medieval Fair! is a fanepisode that aired on September 19, 1992.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Bentley wins tickets to the Evergreen Forest's Medieval Fair, and brings his family along with Bert, Melissa, and Ralph. But once arriving there, the fair has become a dismal place, thanks to the black knight.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Cold Opening[edit | edit source]

George - Congratulations, Mr. Bentley Raccoon...

Cyril - I can't believe you would turn my home into a cheap circus!

Bert - The fair looks dismal.

Pig 3 - You think we can get jobs at the fair?

Ralph - You sure you want to sneak that camera?

George/Nicole - Bentley!

(A black knight is charging toward the screen.)

Bentley - Whoa!

Main Story[edit | edit source]

(On a clear afternoon outside Bentley's house, Bentley outside on the steps watching the driveway, as the title "Medieval Fair!" appears for a few seconds and vanishes.)

Narrator - On a summer afternoon like this, most kids would play or have time with their parents. Of course, Bentley will be looking forward to something He wouldn’t expect. (Lisa comes out of the house.)

Lisa - Bentley? It’s almost lunch time. You’ve been looking at the driveway since Nine.

Bentley - I’m just waiting for the Mail Truck.

Lisa - Bentley, I normally get the mail— (A mail truck arrives at the driveway)

Bentley - Ah. Speak of the... I won’t say it. (The mail truck stops.)

Mailman (Ostrich) - Ah, Bentley. You’re early. (Gives seven envelopes to Him.)

Bentley - Thank You, Sir. (Walks in the house as Lisa follows.)

Lisa - So, why were you looking forward to getting the mail today?

Bentley - Well, today is the day when tickets are delivered to the winners of the Evergreen Medieval Fair’s raffle. ten winners can bring their families.

Lisa - Bentley, winning a raffle like that is difficult. (Bentley gives the mail to George.)

George - Oh. Thanks, son. (Goes through the mail.) bill, bill, credit card, junk, junk— Huh? Bentley, There’s a letter for you. (Gives it to Bentley)

Bentley - Huh? (Reads the letter, then drops it.) I... I won. I won!

Nicole - Won what, son? (George picks up the letter and reads it.)

George - “Congratulations, Mr. Bentley Raccoon You and your family have won tickets to this year’s Medieval Fair, this weekend. included, are seven Tickets to the fair for the best experience. Signed, the Evergreen Medieval Fair committee”?

Nicole - Wow! when is the fair?

George - Uh... this Saturday at 10 AM.

Lisa - Wow. I guess I should have believed in You more, little brother.

Bentley - Don't worry, Lisa. You, Mom, and Dad can come along if You want. as for the three extra tickets... (Notices a sad George.) What's wrong, Dad?

George - Huh? Oh, nothing's wrong, son. (Thinking) I wish I could tell Him, but I don’t want to disappoint Him...

(The screen blacks out and fades in the Raccoondominium, where Melissa is talking to Lisa on the phone.)

Melissa - Wow! Your brother won tickets to the medieval fair? He wants to invite us? Okay. We’ll be right there. Where's that? Where the firecrackers are launched tonight? I'll tell Bert and Ralph about it. and thanks. (hangs up the phone.) Ralph? Bert? (Ralph and Bert come to the living room.) a medieval fair is coming to the forest, and Bentley won tickets to it.

Bert - Wow! That's great! Do You agree, Ralph? Ralph? (He sees Ralph sad.) Something wrong?

Ralph - Huh? Oh. I... don't know if I want to go.

Melissa - Why not?

Ralph - Well, We need a story for the Evergreen Standard--

Melissa - Ralph Raccoon, We haven't had any days off in months. Chances are, the Sneer Mansion could be where the fair will be.

Ralph - But-- (Melissa pulls Ralph off-screen) Whoa! (Bert looks at the screen and shrugs His shoulders.)

(The Scene changes to the Sneer Courtyard, where Cyril is arguing with Mr. Enfeoff the wolf.)

Cyril - Look, I said it before, and I'll say it again, my mansion is not an open house!!

Mr. Enfeoff- Mr. Sneer, listen to reason. Your mansion will be the centerpiece of the fair. (Cedric walks outside.) besides, the Evergreen Fairgrounds are already full up.

Cedric - Pop?

Cyril - One moment, Cedric. I told You, Mr. Enfeoff, I'm not letting You have your fair at my doorstep, and that's that!

Mr. Enfeoff  - Your loss, Mr. Sneer. (Leaves the property.)

Cedric - What were you arguing about, Pop?

Cyril - That flimflam attempted to have His fair on private property.

Cedric - Fair?

Cyril - Remember this one thing, Cedric. Fairs and tourist traps, do nothing but decrease house prices. And I’m not going to be the cause of other getting opportunities to acclaim monopolies here. But, I wonder. What will Mr. Enteoff do next?

(The scene changes to the Sneer Gardens, where the pigs are trimming the hedges)

Pig One - You know, trimming The hedges twice a week, can get boring.

Pig Two - Yes, it the locusts are hard to reason with!

Pig Three - And We’re not allowed to use any pesticide. (They hear a shaking of leaves.) What the?

(They see Mr. Enfeoff sneak under the bushes.)

Pig One - An intruder! (The pigs run toward Mr. Enfeoff.)

Mr. Enfeoff - Whoa! Wait! I only came to see this environment. It shows promise for My medieval fair.

Pigs Two and Three - Medieval Fair?

Mr. Enfeoff - Let me have the fair here, tell no one, and I’ll give you a good percentage of the ticket sales.

Pig One - You got a deal, Sir. (He shakes Mr Enfeoff’s paw. as the scene changes to the KNOX-TV station, inside an office, Mr. Knox is talking to George.)

Mr. Knox - I must admit, You’ve worked all night making additional episodes of Chef Surprise, Sir. Did something happen at home? Or maybe You’re wanting to win the employee of the year award?

George - Well, neither. as a matter of fact...

Secretary - Mr. Knox?

Mr. Knox - No calls.

Secretary - I thought I’d let you know that the site of this year’s medieval fair is decided.

Mr. Knox - I said no call— Did You say medieval fair? owned by that lowlife Enfeoff?

Secretary - ...Yes?

George - Enfeoff?

Mr. Knox - Yes. Ronald Enfeoff. He's an opportunistic bully. (the screen ripples to a young Mr. Knox reading a book.) When I was in school, I was ridiculed by that no-good cheat. (a young Enteoff whacks the book off a young Knox's hands, as the young wolf laughs.) No matter what I did, Enteoff would lie to avoid getting in trouble, and his bullying of Me would get worse. (Young Knox hides in a boiler room. seconds later young Enteoff pulled young Knox out of the room, and was about to slug Him, but his paw was grabbed by a goat janitor, who shakes his head.) fortunately, the Janitor who witnessed one incident, finally put a stop to it. (The screen ripples back to reality.) To this day, He had been plotting his revenge against me.

George - I had no idea. That’s another reason not to go to the fair this Saturday.

Mr. Knox - Another reason?

(The scene changes to Ralph and Melissa.)

Melissa - What do you have against fairs, Ralph? Did something happen?

Ralph - Well, years ago, when Me and George were kids... (the scene ripples to Ralph and George at a younger age wearing medieval attire.) We went to our first medieval fair, and we had fun. Everything went well until...

Melissa - Until one or both of You we’re traumatized by a Dragon? (Young Ralph and Young George glare at the screen) Ha. Sorry.

Ralph - Actually, What happened was that the black knight lost control of his horse, and We were in his path. (a crash was heard) No one got hurt, but Me and George promised each other to never enter a medieval fair, ever again.

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