Nostalgic Feelings! is a fan episode that aired on September 5, 1992.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After finding a picture of their parents as kids, Bentley and Lisa learn about George and Nicole's history.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Cold Opening[edit | edit source]

George - That picture. That's me and Nicole when we were kids.

Lisa - You were a kid once?

George - Nicole had preferences about who she'd consider as her friends.

Bentley - No kidding?

Nicole - He was saddened, until one night.

Bert - Huh? AAAAAH!

Lisa - Bert!

Main Story[edit | edit source]

(Inside an attic, the words "Nostalgic Feelings!" appear and vanish after a few seconds.)

Narrator - Inside an attic, it can have unpredictable things. except for some cobwebs, bugs, and a lot of darkness. (Bert helps Lisa and Bentley clean.) But for Bert Raccoon, it's like going to a haunted house, with unusual treasures.

Bert - Hmm. VHS tapes, weird clocks, old pictures...

Lisa - Less reading, more rearranging, Bert.

Bert - Okay. (Blows a cobweb.) Hey. (Looks at a box that says "BOOKS") Bentley, Lisa, there's a box of books.

Bentley - What kind?

Bert - It doesn't say. (opens the box.) Aw... they're just cookbooks and a diary.

Bentley/Lisa - Diary? (Bert picks up an Italian cookbook.) Prime-o Pe-you-toes of It-a-lie?

Bentley - That's "Primo Piatos of Italy", Bert. There's also a piece of paper. (picks up the paper.) It says, "Property of George Raccoon". Guess the diary belongs to Dad.

Bert - Hey, a photograph. (Picks up the photograph and examines it.) And... who are they? (The three see a picture of two raccoons in a moonlight dinner as they eat a bowl of rice.)

Bentley - Maybe Mom or Dad might know.

Bert - Good idea. (Notices a tower of boxes starting to shake.) Huh? (Tries to keep the tower from falling, but three boxes fall toward Him.) AAAAAH! (They bury him.)

Lisa - Bert! (Removes the boxes off of Bert.) Bert? Bert! Say something!

Bert - S...something. (Passes out and the screen blacks out.)

(The scene fades in to the living room, where George tends to Bert’s injuries)

George - Well, no bones were broken, Bert. But in the future, try to pay closer attention if any of the boxes are about to fall.

Bert - Okay, Sir.

Nicole - So, what is it that you want tell us about, kids?

Bentley - Well, Bert found a photo of these two raccoons. Are they relatives of ours? (Gives the photograph to George.)

George - Oh, my. That’s me and Nicole as kids eating risotto.

Lisa - Dad, You were a kid once?

Nicole - Oui. Everyone was once a kid In their lives. I mean, when You were Bentley’s age, You thought Me and Your father were the age of 12. (Bentley stifles His laughter)

George - But, the picture is of Me and Nicole eating Risotto.

Bert - What’s a risotto?

George - Risotto is a rice dish cooked with broth until it turns creamy.

Nicole - In school, Your father had good grades, but not as good as home economics.

Lisa - What’s Home Economics?

Nicole - Where students learn cooking, child development, community awareness, home management, sewing, budgets, and health.

Lisa - Sorry I asked, Dad.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As a kid, George Raccoon wore a crimson short-sleeve shirt and a red bowtie, as Nicole as a kid, wore an orange hoodie with a Blue N.
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