Up the Social Ladder! is a fanepisode that aired on August 1, 1993.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Melissa and Nicole go to a social party. Meanwhile, Bert and Ralph experiment on recipes for George to test.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Cold Opening[edit | edit source]

Nicole - Me? To a social party?

George - I need something original for dessert.

Ralph - Not every dessert should be confectioneries, Bert.

Bert - You're just hindering Your brother, Ralph.

Melissa - You don't get many chances, Nicole.

Nicole - Okay. (Holds her breath, then opens the door.)

Main Story[edit | edit source]

(The Scene opens in front of the Raccoondominium, as the title "Up the Social Ladder!" appears and vanishes.)

Narrator - The Evergreen Forest doesn't have many individuals looking for status, like money, fame, or power. (A blue Limousine stops in front of the house.) Well, You're probably wondering why a limousine is in the Evergreen Forest. Well, We'll find out. (A Peafowl comes out and heads for the Raccoondominium door, then knocks it. Melissa opens it.)

Peafowl - I assume You're Melissa Raccoon.

Melissa - Uh... Yes. the one and the same. Huh? You're Miss Spectrum, C.E.O. of Spectrum Kitchen Supplies. (Spectrum nods.) You want to come in?

Spectrum - As much as I'd like to, I must adhere to My schedule. So, I thought I'd let You know-- (She sees Ralph tend to Wendy.) Oh. and you're a mom. Oh-- You are hereby invited to a social party at My mansion. (Gives an invitation to Melissa.) And You can bring a friend over to the party as well, since it's a plus-one.

Melissa - Really?

Spectrum - Yes. (Goes in Her Limousine) I've already hand-picked a few individuals for the party. I'll look forward to seeing You. (The limousine drives off.)

Melissa - Wow. Hand-picked to go to a social party. But, Who should I bring?

(The Screen blacks out, and fades in to the Sneer Mansion where Miss Spectrum gives an invitation to Cedric at the doorstep..)

Spectrum - You show plenty of promise for the future of Sneer Enterprises. So, You're selected to go to the party.

Cedric - Thank You. But... I think My pop could have been a better choice.

Spectrum - Cedric, In the past, Your father, Cyril made some bad choices, but if You want Your dad to be Your plus-one, I won't stop you.

Cedric - Well, If You say so. Thanks. (Miss Spectrum walks back to Her limousine.) Hmm. I dread to think what could happen if Pop finds out He didn't get an invite to a social party. (The Pigs watch from behind a tree.)

Pig 2 - Social Party?

Pig 3 - Thrown by Miss Spectrum?

Pig 2 - We should go there, too.

Pig 1 - But, it's an invite-only party. besides, It's hand-picked.

Pig 3 - But, there's always a way. (The Scene changes to Bentley's house.)

Nicole - So, What is it You want to talk to me about?

Melissa - Well, Just this afternoon, Miss Spectrum gave Me an invitation, and it said I can bring someone with me.

Nicole - Ah. and Ralph's coming with You.

Melissa - No. As much as I'd like to bring him to the party, He has to watch over Wendy today. And I can't have Bert as My plus-one.

Nicole - Because He's socially awkward?

Melissa - No-- I... I mean, Yes. Um... You want to be My plus one?

Nicole - Really?

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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