This fanfiction series made by CartoonLover (Nathan G. Roberson in the real world) is a series of stories featuring characters from The Raccoons TV series, including characters made by the author. Sort of like episodes of seasons 6-8 that aired in 1992-1994.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 6 (1992)[edit | edit source]

  1. Future Shocked! - Bentley worries about his future, so Nicole masquerades as a fortune teller to raise his spirits. (Song - New World) (Air Date - March 3, 1992)
  2. Graphite Griever! - Ralph and Melissa search for a childhood friend who is a recluse and is drawing insulting pictures of everyone in the Evergreen Forest. (Song - Here I Go Again) (Air Date - March 10, 1992)
  3. Tough Lucky! - Bert gets bad luck after accidentally stepping on a four-leaf clover. (Song - ???) (Air Date - March 17, 1992)
  4. Charity Begins at Home! - Ralph and Melissa arrange a charity event where their friends and family participate as clowns, while Cedric takes up beekeeping. (Song - ???) (Air Date - March 24, 1992)
  5. Finders Keepers! - While searching for usable things at the junkyard, Bert finds a suitcase with thousands of dollars and wants to return it to its rightful owner. (Song - ???) (Air Date - March 31, 1992)
  6. Nostalgic Feelings! - (Replacing Join the Club!) After finding a picture of their parents as kids, Bentley and Lisa learn about George and Nicole's history. (Song - ???) (Air Date - September 5, 1992)
  7. Artist's Block! - Melissa's elder brother, Vincent, comes to the forest looking for inspiration for his next painting to impress his wife. (Song - Teach Me) (Air Date - September 12, 1992)
  8. Medieval Fair! - Bentley wins tickets to the Evergreen Forest's Medieval Fair, and brings his family along with Bert, Melissa, and Ralph. But once arriving there, the fair has become a dismal place, thanks to the black knight. (Song - ???) (Air Date - September 19, 1992)
  9. Like a Ninja! - Bert becomes obsessed with ninjas and imitates the techniques, but with limited success. (Song - ???) (Air Date - September 26, 1992)
  10. Bentley's Wedding - Elsie, a girl raccoon from Bentley's school wants to marry him, which worries his parents. (But let me tell you... Bentley and Elsie will get married in the future as they get older.) (Song - Teach Me) (Air Date - October 3, 1992)
  11. The Evergreen Symphony! - Melissa prepares her flute-playing for the Evergreen Symphony, but gets under confident when her skills are rusty. (Song - ???) (Air Date - October 10, 1992)
  12. Flooded! - A flood hits the Evergreen Forest, and one of the few spots that isn't flooded is the Raccoondominium! (Song - ???) (Air Date - October 17, 1992)
  13. Physical Agitation! - Feeling that Bentley doesn't have any athletic skill, Lisa and Bert construct an obstacle course, as Ralph tries his hand at solving crosswords. (Song - Growing Up) (Air Date - October 24, 1992)
  14. Halloween Haunts! - (hour-long special) While Ralph and Melissa arrange a Halloween party at the Raccoondominium, Bert, Bentley, Cedric, and Lisa tell scary stories, not knowing that the party goers are listening as well. (Song - ???) (Air Date - October 31, 1992)
    • Cedric's story - Cedric Sneer is an accomplished businessman a few years in the future, but is haunted by Cyril's ghost, who wants his son to fulfill his final wishes.
    • Lisa's story - Her family are of vampires and Bentley, is to participate in three tests to be a full-fledged vampire, but Bentley doesn't want to be one.
    • Bentley's story - Lisa, before her first week in college, uses sorcery to be smart as Bentley's, but she didn't intend to take the intelligence of everyone in the Evergreen Forest!
    • Bert's story - Bert and the others visit K.N.O.X.-TV studios at night, where they find themselves in the 1920s.

Season 7 (1993)[edit | edit source]

  1. Beating the Heat! - (Replacing Endless Summer!) Bert and the others try to survive a hot summer day. (Song - ???) (Air Date - June 27, 1993)
  2. Peace and Quiet! - Lisa looks for a place to study in peace. Meanwhile, Bert arranges an anniversary party for Ralph and Melissa, but Melissa has some news for Ralph. (Song - ???) (Air Date - July 4, 1993)
  3. Air of Reality! - A camera crew invades the Raccoondominium, when the director sees Bert as a great role model and an ideal subject for a reality television show. (Song - ???) (Air Date - July 11, 1993)
  4. Just a Game! - Bert and the others participate in a forest-wide game of paintball, not knowing that the organizer is using them to decrease house prices to buy out the residents to construct an amusement park. (Song - ???) (Air Date - July 18, 1993)
  5. Parenthood Panic! - Ralph, after learning that Melissa is about to have a baby, thinks about the concept of being a father. (Air Date - July 25, 1993)
  6. Up the Social Ladder! - Melissa and Nicole go to a social party. Meanwhile, Bert and Ralph try ways to keep Wendy entertained, while Melissa is away. (Song - ???) (Air Date - August 1, 1993)
  7. Humiliation in Home Economics! - George is called as a substitute teacher in Lisa's home economics class, much to her humiliation. Meanwhile, Melissa tries to deal with termites in the Raccoondominium. (Song - ???) (Air Date - August 8, 1993)
  8. When the Unexpected Happens! - After accidentally watching a tragic movie, a mentally-shaken Bentley doesn't want anything bad to happen to his parents. Meanwhile, Ralph and Melissa try to break the record for most 500-piece jigsaw puzzles completed in a day. (Song - Night After Night) (Air Date - August 15, 1993)
  9. Taste Test! - (Replacing Easy Money!) Bert is selected to be a taste tester for a restaurant that's about to have a grand opening, but one of the testers who is a worker for a rival restaurant is intent on sabotaging the event. Meanwhile, Bentley becomes a reporter for the Evergreen Standard for one day. (Song - ???) (Air Date - August 22, 1993)
  10. Fair Lady for Bentley! - Elsie brings Bentley to a town fair, as George and Nicole keep watch without their son knowing. Meanwhile, Ralph wonders how the Evergreen Standard can be upgraded. (Song - ???) (Air Date - August 29, 1993)
  11. Sherlock Ralph! - Ralph thinks he's his favorite detective when he accidentally crashes into Bert. Meanwhile, a burglar is robbing everyone in the Evergreen Forest. (Song - ???) (Air Date - September 5, 1993)
  12. Do or Diet! - The gang forces Bert to exercise more and go on a peanut butter diet, but Bert hides his peanut butter trove, for some sustenance. Meanwhile, Cyril, knowing the Pigs won't properly clean one of his factories to sell, he asks Bentley's family to help clean it. (Song - ???) (Air Date - September 12, 1993)
  13. Pyramid Scheme! - Bert, Lisa, and the Pigs are caught up in a pyramid scheme to sell compost canisters. Meanwhile, Melissa and Ralph enter a TV game show to win a video camera. (Song - Hold Back Tomorrow) (Air Date - September 19, 1993)

Season 8 (1994)[edit | edit source]

  1. A Chance to Dream! - On a weekend homework assignment, Bentley asks his family, and Bert about the dreams they had. Meanwhile, Cyril’s researching on small businesses leave him restless and sleepless. (Air Date - September 10, 1994)
  2. Passion for Fashion! - Melissa is selected to make a fashion, fitting of higher society. Meanwhile, after a mishap at a barbershop, George and Nicole look like Woodstock hippies. (Air Date - September 17, 1994)
  3. Name of the Game! - Bert enters a video game tournament to win an arcade machine for Bentley’s birthday, but he didn’t count on Lisa joining as well! (Air Date - September 24, 1994)

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main characters[edit | edit source]

Additional characters[edit | edit source]

  • Franco - A childhood friend of Ralph who was laughed at, and uses drawings to get back at his tormentors.
  • Mr. Obsidian - An elderly goat who once robbed a bank and hid the money inside a briefcase in the junkyard, unaware that Bert located it an hour before getting there.
  • Vincent - A watercolor artist and Melissa's elder brother.
  • Black Knight - An owl and (former) master of ceremonies of the medieval fair.
  • Elsie - A young raccoon who hopes to be a love interest for Bentley. She's also heir to a restaurant franchise.
  • Miss Spectrum - An elderly peafowl who treasures her status above everything else, except for pizza.

Cameo characters[edit | edit source]

Alternate quotes/endings and/or deleted scenes of classic specials and episodes[edit | edit source]

Specials[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

  • "The Prism of Zenda!" -
  • "Paperback Hero!" -
  • "The Chips Are Down!" -
  • "Life in the Fast Lane!" -
  • "Monster Mania!" -
  • "Mom's the Word!" - In one scene at the Pigs' house, Suey-Ellen Pig is showing the year book to her three sons.
  • "Picture Perfect!" - After Cyril, Cedric, Snag, and the Pigs leave, Rita and Murray Cockatoo come up in a car. They see John Roykirk and Melissa talking to each other. "Look, Murray! It's an owl and a pussycat!" she says. "No, Rita. It's a raccoon." Murray says. "Oh, I guess you're right, my dear." Rita says to Murray. They both watch outside the car window as John Roykirk says goodbye to Melissa and leaves. Melissa can't find her way back to the Raccoondominium. "Aw, poor Melissa." says Rita. "She can't find her way back to the Raccoondominium!" says Murray. Rita says to Murray, "Don't worry. I'll take care of her right away." Rita gets out of the car and walks up to Melissa. "Why, hello, you poor Melissa! I've never seen you as soon as I came here. My name is Rita Cockatoo. I am a librarian," says Rita. Murray gets out of the car and joins in too. "And I'm Murray Cockatoo. I am a scientist," he says. "And, oh! What's the matter?" says Rita. Melissa chitters about saving Cyril Sneer as she moves her hands and arms. "You lifted the tree?" asks Rita. "That's covered with fire?" asks Murray. "And saved Cyril Sneer?" asks Rita. "And you got fired for your first assignment?" asks Murray. Melissa nods. "Oh no! That's terrible!" says Rita. "We'll take you to our house and take care of you as a pet. Okay? And when we get there, we'll take you a bath and feed you some peanut butter sandwiches. All right?" Melissa nods. Rita then says, "All right then." Rita picks up poor Melissa. "It's okay. Don't be sad. You're going to be fine." Rita then puts Melissa down in the car and says, "There you go." Rita gets in the car. "Are you going to take care of Melissa?" asks Murray. "Yes, I would love to!" says Rita. Melissa yawns and then goes to sleep. Rita and Murray look at Melissa and laugh. "You must be tired, Melissa." says Murray. Rita and Murray laugh then drive off to their house. The scene transitions to Cyril, Cedric and Snag at the Sneer Mansion. "You saved me, Snag. You're my hero," says Cyril and puts down the dog bowl of dog food. Snag barks. "What did he say, Pop?" asks Cedric. "He said, 'Thank you'," says Cyril. "But what about the Pigs, Pop?" asks Cedric. "Well, they're having trouble finding another pet, son," says Cyril. The scene cuts to the Pigs and their mother. Suey-Ellen Pig says "Well boys, you'll have to find another pet instead." Pig One says "But Mom!" Pig Two says "We already took care of Snag!" Pig Three says "And we need another pet right now!" Suey-Ellen Pig says "Oh, all right. Come along, boys." And the Pigs says sadly "Yes, Mom." The scene fades to Rita and Murray Cockatoo's house, Rita is giving Melissa a bubble bath. "It's so nice when you're getting so nice and clean, isn't it, Melissa?" says Rita. Later, she dries Melissa off and puts on Melissa's skirt on her. "Now does that make you feel better?" asks Rita. Melissa nods. Then her stomach growls. "Oh, you poor Melissa, are you hungry?" asks Rita as she pets Melissa. Melissa nods again. "Okay now, you stay here while I feed you some peanut butter sandwiches. Okay?" Melissa nods again and goes to sleep. She spreads the peanut butter on slices of bread, puts the pieces of bread together, and puts them in a pet bowl. Melissa opens her eyes and smells something. Rita walks up to Melissa, puts down a pet bowl of sandwiches, and says "Here you are, Melissa. Eat hearty." Melissa picks one of the peanut butter sandwiches and starts eating them. Then the scene transitions to Bert and Ralph reading books inside the Raccoondominium. Later, after Bert says, "She'll be back soon. I guess", the scene cuts to the car arrives to Raccoondominium. Rita gets out of the car, says "Come on, Melissa. Up you go." and picks up Melissa. Then she puts her down, says "There you go" and pets her. And when Rita gets inside the car then rolls down the window, she says to Melissa, "Oh, and Melissa? Murray and I just want to say goodbye." A tear comes out of Rita's eye. "I'll miss you..." says Rita sadly. "Bye." And she and Murray drive off. Then Melissa shouts, "Goodbye! I'll miss you, too!" and sighs sadly. Then she hears Bert and Ralph laughing. Melissa says, "What was that?" Then Melissa walks up to the door and knocks on it. Then Ralph's offscreen voice asks, "Who's there?" and then Bert's offscreen voice says, "Oh, that must be Cedric!", and then Ralph's offscreen voice says, "No! It's... it's..." before the scene cuts to inside the Raccoondominium, Melissa opens the door and Ralph says "Melissa!". (Note: A female anthropomorphic chicken is very similar to Gyro's true love from the Disney's DuckTales episode "Sir Gyro de Gearloose" but referred to as Rita Cockatoo (named after Rita Coolidge and voiced by Sharon Lewis). A male anthropomorphic chicken is very similar to Gyro Gearloose from Disney's DuckTales but referred to as Murray Cockatoo (named after Murray Cruchley and voiced by Keith Knight)).
  • "Strictly by the Book!" -
  • "The Evergreen Express!" -
  • "Trouble Shooter!" -
    • Instead of Bentley getting a book about College Mathematics, he gets a Home Economics book, and says, "Home Economics. You know, my dad always liked to cook--" Then, he begins to shed a tear, but hides it. Bert then says, "Perhaps I should have asked what book You want to read." Bentley snaps and said, "It wouldn't make any difference." Bert would say, "It wouldn't? Wait a-- Did you fail at one of the classes?" Bentley then explained why he ran away and goes in the clubhouse.
    • Here are more Bentley's memories that didn't make it into this episode:
      • George and Pre-Teen Lisa entered the hospital and saw Nicole Raccoon giving birth to her firstborn a son. Nicole says to her baby raccoon kit, "I'm going to name you Bentley."
      • Pre-Teen Lisa poured some milk in the pet bowl, put down the pet bowl of milk on the floor, and put her hands on her hips. Her pet orange kitten (which is very similar to Spunky from Disney's Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers or Oliver from the 1988 Disney animated film Oliver & Company) lapped up some milk, then the camera slowly pans left to Baby Bentley and Nicole Raccoon.
      • Little Bentley blew out the candles on the cake, and Teen Lisa, Nicole and George clapped for Little Bentley. Nicole and George then offered a slice of cake to Teen Lisa.
      • Nicole puts the present down on the table and Little Bentley opens the present revealing his new computer.
  • "The Paper Chase!" -
  • "Simon Says!" -
  • "Games People Play!" -

Season 4[edit | edit source]

  • "Second Chance!" -
  • "The Sky's the Limit!" -
    • Ralph imagines that he was a little raccoon kit when he first met Melissa when he spilled a cup of coffee on her. However, they've known each other since they were kits, so it's possible the coffee incident happened when they were kits.
    • After the Evergreen Air Show scene and before the Blue Spruce Cafe scene, the Pigs arrive at the hospital. Dr. Canard asks the Pigs "What happened to you three?" The Pigs look at each other then laugh nervously.
    • Before the credits, Troy Malone sadly leaves the Blue Spruce Cafe and says to himself "If I could only find someone else to be in love with. Maybe a girlfriend. Then we'll be someday wed and have children."
  • "Bully for You!" -
  • "A Catered Affair!" -
  • "Search and Rescue!" -
  • "Spring Fever!" -
    • In the Blue Spruce Cafe scene after Bert says "ANGRY?! Who's angry? I'm not angry!", Lisa says "Uh, Bert?" and Bert says "And I am not in love with you, Lisa!"
    • After the black limousine arrives at the Evergreen Station, the train conductor (who is voiced by Ringo Starr) looks at the limousine and says "What's going on over there?".
  • "The Family Secret!" -
  • "The Great Escape!" -
  • "Making the Grade!" -
    • Instead of coming in the schoolhouse, Bentley peeks inside and notices the books, desks, blackboard, but is disappointed when he doesn't see a single computer, and when he spots a small furnace, Bentley asks Bert if the teacher knew that the furnace was a potential fire hazard. Miss Primrose responded, "The furnace is only on, during winter, also, she said prowling around a school could set a bad example, even when will be closed."
    • As the others clean the school, Melissa tries to get the feather duster to rid the cobwebs, but grabs Ralph's tail by mistake. After realizing, Ralph glares at her wife, but happily gives her the feather duster.
    • Here are some deleted scenes for those memories of Evergreen Elementary that didn't make it into this episode:
      • After Young Ralph dashed off to get his backpack, he came back with his backpack on and said to Miss Primrose "I'm ready!" (Note: Young Ralph was voiced by the 16-year-old Noam Zylberman.)
      • After Young Melissa dashed off to get her backpack, she came back with her backpack on and said to the students "I'm ready!" Then the students laughed at her. (Note: Young Melissa was voiced by Tara Meyer.)
      • After Young Cedric looked at the students going inside Evergreen Elementary, Young Cedric screamed and ran to hide in the coats. After the students going inside, Young Cedric peeked out from the coats then hid again. Cyril Sneer came inside Evergreen Elementary and shouted "Cedric? Cedric!" "I'm here, Pop!" shouted Young Cedric from behind the coats. Cyril said "Come out from behind the coats, son! I hope you're in time for school!" And so Young Cedric did with his backpack on. Young Cedric said "I'm ready!" Then he gives Cyril a hug. (Note: Young Cedric was voiced by Marvin Goldhar.)
      • Miss Primrose said to the students "Good morning, class." "Good morning, Miss Primrose." said the students. "Does anybody want to play hide and seek?" asked Miss Primrose. "Yes, Miss Primrose." said the students. "Okay now, when I close my eyes and count to ten, you hide somewhere else. Okay, class?" said Miss Primrose. "Okay, Miss Primrose." said the students. So they hide somewhere else and Miss Primrose covered her eyes and counted to 10. Then she looked somewhere. Miss Primrose said "Hmm. I wonder where they could be."
      • Young Bert got out of the car and said "Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad!" He ran to the Evergreen Elementary and peeked inside. He got the apple out of his pocket and sneaks inside. He walked around then he accidentally bumped into Miss Primrose. She turned angrily at Young Bert. He walked backwards slowly. Then Miss Primrose smiled at him. "Why, hello, Bert." she said "Welcome to Evergreen Elementary." "Hi, Miss Primrose!" said Young Bert. "Here's an apple for you!" He gave it to Miss Primrose. "Oh thank you, Bert!" she said and took a bite of an apple. "You're welcome, Miss Primrose." said Young Bert. (Note: Young Bert was voice by the 8-year-old Stuart Stone.)
  • "Science Friction!" - After Cedric reconciles with his dad, Cyril said, "And son? In the future, if you need any help, just turn to me." Cedric hugs Cyril as he tries to hide his tears.
  • "Stealing the Show!" -
  • "The Phantom of Sneer Mansion!" -
  • "The Headline Hunter!" - After Bert says, "A buck fifty! I paid more for my pet lizard!", Bert imagines his memories that he got his pet lizard when he was little that his parents gave him for his birthday. "Wow! This is my best birthday present ever! I'm gonna call you, Littlefoot!" said Young Bert. Young Bert took care of his pet lizard by feeding it some fruits and vegetables, walking it outside and fetching it sticks. (Note: Young Bert's pet lizard is very similar to the alien stegosaurus Steggy from the Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers episode "Prehysterical Pet" but referred to as Littlefoot (not to be confused with the Land Before Time character of the same name). Young Bert was voice by the 8-year-old Stuart Stone.)

Season 5[edit | edit source]

  • "Cold Feet!" - In a scene where Ralph and Melissa are denied access, they think of ways to get past a guard. Ralph thinks about using firecrackers, but Melissa refuses and says that's something Bert might do.
  • "Stress Test!" - Before the credits, Nurse Peck gives a carrot to Danny and says "Here, Danny. Have a carrot. It'll make you feel better." "Thanks, Nurse Peck." says Danny. After the credits, Danny and his father rabbit leave the hospital as Danny says to his father rabbit "Look, Dad! I'm feeling better all the time!". The father rabbit says to his rabbit son "Your mother and I will be very proud of you, son!" Danny says "Thanks, Dad!" (Note: Danny's father rabbit is voiced by John Stocker.)
  • "Moving In!" - At Willow’s store, Bentley spots vegetable seeds at economical prices, Lisa turns it down even though Bert offered to buy them, since has plenty.
  • "End of the Line!" -
  • "Easy Money!" - After the credits, Cedric asks Cyril, "Uh, Pop? Is Snag okay? Was he afraid?" Cyril pets Snag and says, "Oh yes! He's fine alright. Aren't you, Snag?" Then Snag barks, as the screen fades.
  • "Endless Summer!" -
    • At the end, the Pigs are cleaning Bentley’s house, as Lisa asks what’s going on. Bert added that because of a mishap, the Pigs are to clean the house every weekend until summer’s over.
    • Here's a deleted scene that didn't make it into this episode: Bentley is talking on the phone, when the Pigs come closer to him. Then Bentley says in a spooky voice "I'm Count Dracula from Transylvania!" The Pigs scream in fear and ran for their lives out of the house. Then Bentley laughs.
  • "Promises Promises!" -
  • "Black Belt Bentley!" -
  • "The Wrong Stuff!" - After the credits, Bentley puts down the red dog bowl of puppy munch and the blue dog bowl of fresh water. Then he hugs Broo and says "You're the best puppy I've ever had, Broo!" Then Broo barks, as the screen fades.
  • "Join the Club!" -
  • "The Evergreen Election!" -
  • "The One That Got Away!" - After the credits, Bentley saw what he thought was a fish, resurface from a nearby pond. Bentley heads there and sees Old Tom and a few other catfish. Then Bentley thinks it's getting dark and then says to the catfish "Don't worry, I'll find some way to help you. Once the pond will be squeaky clean once again." Then runs off to his house, as the screen fades.
  • "Go for Gold!" - 
    • In a scene, after Lisa said to Bert that he's acting like a child, Bert responds, "I'm not a child! I am a raccoon!", then they both stop when they see Cedric's wishing he never organized the race.
    • At the homestretch, just as Rod almost threw nails at Bert, the raccoon uses Melissa's camera to photograph the nails in Rod's paw, and after Bert is applauded by the spectators, he gives a photograph to one of the judges, who declares that Rod Steel is disqualified, and to be given a lifetime ban from all future competitions, as Rob declares that his lawyers will stop the ban from happening.
    • After the credits, Lisa walks inside her room and places the medal on her end table, next to a photograph of her family. Then, she thought these words, "One day, I'll return the favor." Then she leaves her room, as the screen slowly fades to black.
    • Here's an alternate ending that didn't make it into this episode: At the Raccoondominium, Melissa asks Ralph, "Where's Bert?" Ralph says "He's heading back to the Raccoondominium." "Oh," says Melissa. Meanwhile, Bert walks angrily alone when suddenly bumps into Rod Steel. Bert gasps and then points angrily at Rod Steel, saying "You again!" Rod Steel laughs and then lift up his arms to become strong again, when suddenly Rod Steel's body explodes into Murray Cockatoo. Bert and Murray Cockatoo both gasp. Murray Cockatoo looks at his hands, legs, and feet. He touches his chest, shivers, and says "It's me!" Bert screams in fear and runs away to the Raccoondominium. Murray Cockatoo looks at the screen, shrugs, and says "Oh, well. I might have to call the police and have me arrest." Then he walks away sadly. (Note: A male anthropomorphic chicken is very similar to Gyro Gearloose from Disney's DuckTales but referred to as Murray Cockatoo (named after Murray Cruchley) who voiced by Keith Knight)
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