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Gold Rush!
Season 1, Episode 11
Air Date 1986
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Gold Rush! is the 11th episode of The Raccoons.


Things look bad for the Evergreen Standard when Cyril Sneer tries to starve them of supplies, buying up every ink and paper company he can get his hands on. But has Cyril bit off more than he can chew, in promising to pay for them using gold bullions?




  • First appearance of Mr. Knox (Cyril's rival and friend), voiced by Len Carlson.
  • This is the last episode in which Linda Feige voices Melissa Raccoon. This is also the last episode animated at Atkinson Film-Arts, and to feature the original version of Run With Us performed by Steve Lunt.
  • It seems that Broo now lives with Bert (whom he seems to favor as his owner), Ralph and Melissa in the Raccoondominium since the humans' departure from the series.
  • This episode shows Bert's interest in magic.
    • Also the first time Bert dresses up as a magician.
  • The title of this episode is a play of a period of feverish migration of workers into an area full of gold that has been going on since the 1690s to this day.
    • Mr. Knox mentions about something on Friday the 13th, which is still circled on Cyril Sneer's calendar, but it wasn't mentioned as Cyril's birthday. And since it's on Season 1, it still goes on for days or weeks instead of several months, since Friday the 13th is only once or twice a year. So this is actually the episode that takes place on October 13th.
  • The model of the Sneer Mobile factory seen in "The Evergreen Grand Prix" is seen again in this episode.
  • Cedric notes that Cyril rigged the clocks of Sneer Mansion years ago to be 5 minutes slow so he could get more work out of his employees and not have to pay them for it.
  • Carl Banas and Bob Dermer are both credited for voicing the Bears, but Cyril Sneer's bears do not appear in this episode.
  • This episode is shown in "Time Trap!" when Cyril goes back in time althrough that would turn out to be all a dream.
  • This was originally planned to be the series finale, but the show turned out to be more popular than anticipated and thus continued for 4 more seasons, totaling 60 episodes, plus the 4 specials.


(Cyril is plotting to end the Raccoons' newspaper)

Cyril: Because by noon on the 13th, this deceiving Daily dupes the unwitting public for the last time!
Pig One: But sir, they only print the facts!
Cyril: Facts? I'll give you facts! The life expectancy of a loudmouth pig is shortened every time it opens it's mouth! Understand?

(Bert claims to have been able to magically make gold)

Ralph: Nobody can make gold! It's impossible!
Bert: The impossible is what I specialize in!

Cyril: You. Start counting.
Pig Three: Yes sir.

(he climbs a ladder to the top of the stacks of gold in the vault)

Pig Three: One, two, four, five, six...
Cedric: You missed three!
Pig Three: Oh, I did? (laughs nervously) I've always had problems with geometry!


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