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Join the Club!
Season 5, Episode 10
Air Date 1991
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Join the Club! is the 57th episode of The Raccoons.


Bowing to peer pressure, Lisa starts smoking; meanwhile, Cyril Sneer tries to join an exclusive golf club. In the end, the two discuss the merits of individuality.


While Lisa is an attractive and athletic raccoon, she, like other awkward adolescents, feels the need to fit in with the "in" crowd and thus takes up smoking. Meanwhile, Cyril, trying to break into a prestigious country club, and is excluded. Thus, two individuals who throughout their lives have gotten their way generally, are meeting some unexpected adversity.

While Cyril tries all he can to gain admission to Loch Links, Lisa gains acceptance but her victory is proving to be pyrrhic as she engages in behavior she never has before such as lying.

Finally, Cyril gains admission but he refuses to compromise his standards once he realizes Cedric's clubhouse must by decimated if he is to join the club. Meanwhile, he consoles Lisa, who also finds the courage to tell Donna off and live up to her personal integrity.




  • This is the only appearance of Donna, voiced by then 18-year old Tara Charendoff (now Tara Strong), who would later voice Timmy Turner from The Fairly Oddparents, Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Lynnie Raccoon from The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Tutu from Little Bear, Dil Pickles from Rugrats, and others.
  • This is the only appearance of Mr. Tobacco.
  • This is the last episode George was voiced by Dan Hennessey.
  • This was the only episode of The Raccoons to be rated TV-PG in the US for depictions of smoking. In Canada, it was still rated C.
  • Cyril reveals that he actually wants to quit smoking, but can't do so, due to how impossible it is for him.
  • This episode shows Cyril's soft side when he shows sympathy towards Lisa Raccoon and gives her some good advice.
  • Cyril calls Lisa Raccoon "kid".
  • This is the seventh episode Pig One was voiced by Keith Hampshire.
  • Stock footage from "Spring Fever!" is used at the beginning of this episode.


Cyril: Well, thanks to our late arrival, there's going to be trouble getting a table!
Knox: Might I suggest we dine at my new private club, Lock Links?
JD: Well then we could eat right away! Mmm! I can almost smell the food!
Cyril: I smell something too and it's a bit fishy.

Pig One: Good luck boss!
Cyril: Luck? I don't need luck! I'm rich!

Bert: They can't tear down our clubhouse! Why, we're not even on their land!
Cedric: You're right Bert. But we can fix it up a bit! After all they're our neighbors now, and we should try to get along.
Bert: Yeah I guess you're right. With a little work we could spruce this place up in no time. But we better be careful or those stuffed shirts at Lock Links will be over here wanting to join our club!

Bert: Hi George! Hard at work on another pecan pie?
George: Er, no, not exactly Bert.
Bert: (looking in oven) Ah, a luxurious lime mousse!
George: Bert, I'm cleaning the oven.

Bert: What's going on Lisa? You've never smoked before!
Lisa: I don't need a lecture Bert Raccoon!

Cyril: (On the phone) I know you're just the secretary at Lock Links, but if you were to shuffle things around a bit I'm sure we can find a way to get into that club of yours. (pauses) I've got a pile of paper here, tens and twenties actually! That might... hello? Hello!? (Hangs up) Hah! I don't know if want to belong to a club that won't even take a bribe!

(Lisa catches Bentley pretending to smoke a cigarette)
Lisa: Bentley Raccoon!
Bentley: Lisa!
Lisa: Take that thing out of your mouth right now buster!
Bentley: Hey, I was only fooling around!
Lisa: You don't fool around with cigarettes! You have any idea what they can do to your health? You can't breathe, they smell awful, they're expensive and once you start smoking it's almost impossible to stop! Bentley, cigarettes are NOT cool!
Bentley: I know that stuff already. And you know that I don't smoke. Brother! Sisters can be so dumb!

(Cyril hears Lisa crying round the back of Bert and Cedric's clubhouse, and sees her tearing up her cigarettes)
Cyril: Ahem! Something wrong kid?
Lisa: Oh, Mr Sneer! I guess this looks weird to you, huh?
Cyril: No, I've done this before. With cigars. You know, they don't break nearly as nicely but they're just as hard to quit.
Lisa: Oh I've already quit!
Cyril: Great! But why the tears? I'd be hilariously happy if I could quit.
Lisa: But your friends wouldn't dump you if you did! I just lost a friend. She said I wouldn't fit in with her crowd.
Cyril: Listen kid, some crowds just are not worth belonging to.
Lisa: Yeah, but I wanted to belong.

Cyril: Crowds, clubs, it's all the same deal. You do what they want, they let you join up. Pretty soon you're just like them. I was almost a Lock Links lemming! You don't want to be one of those do you?
Lisa: I guess not.
Cyril: Dare to be different. And never mind what the crowd thinks! Because as long as they're talking about you, they'll never forget about you!
Lisa: I guess you're right! Y'know Mr Sneer, you're a lot different from what people have told me. You're okay!
Cyril: What people? What did they say? Were there three of them? Short little fat guys with flat noses and squeaky voices?

(Lisa laughs)


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