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Mom's the Word!
Season 3, Episode 6
Air Date 1988
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Mom's the Word! is the 27th episode of The Raccoons.


Cyril Sneer just bought a 1930s "Clearance Cyclone" limousine and is souping it up for the big antique car show. A surprise visitor shows up at Sneer Mansion, in the form of Mrs. Pig, the Pigs' mother. She is convinced that Pigs are tycoons due to their misleading letters, and so she asks them for some cash to help rebuild the old family home after its destruction by a hurricane. Mrs. Pig also brings along her old "Harvey Hurricane" Coup. When Cyril sees Bert and Schaeffer fixing it up for her, he sees some competition...


The Pigs' mom visits and while she erroneously believes they own the fortune at Sneer Mansion, they swiftly try to clear up the misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Cyril commissions the Pigs and Bears to prepare the Clearance Cyclone for Lady Baden-Baden's Antique Car Show. The Pigs create disaster as is customary while their mom tries to stay aloof of all wrongdoing underway. But finally, Cyril and Mrs. Pig are saved from certain disaster, although his Clearance Cyclone is destroyed.




  • First appearance of Mrs. Suey-Ellen Pig, the Pigs' mother (and new friend of Cyril), voiced by Nonnie Griffin.
  • The Pigs mention swine flu, but this epidemic would not occur until 2009.
  • The license plate on Mrs. Pig's car is "OINK".
  • Mrs. Pig's car is based on a 1933 Fiat 518 Ardita.
  • Floyd breaks the fourth wall in this episode because his eyes was focused to the camera while talking about merging things. Bert also breaks the fourth wall when he was telling the viewers of how the pigs were speechless when they saw their Mom.
  • Stock footage of Cyril Sneer talking on the phone is reused from "Power Trip!".


Mrs Pig: I think we have a little misunderstanding.
Cyril: (Staring angrily at the pigs) You've got that right. Three little misunderstandings!

(The pigs are retriving parts of Cyril's wrecked car)

Pig Two: Hey! I've found a fender!
Pig One: Great. Just 3,425 parts to go before the boss will speak to us again!


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