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Monster Mania!
Season 3, Episode 5
Air Date 1988
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Monster Mania! is the 26th episode of The Raccoons.


When Melissa and Bert spot a fire breathing monster in Evergreen Lake, tourists begin flocking to see it. Cyril Sneer, takes advantage of the opportunity and tries to sell overpriced monster merchandise. In the end, the monster is exposed as a fake.


In the process of fulfilling her responsibilities as an excellent photojournalist, Melissa takes a picture of what appears to be the Evergreen Monster. Thus, Cyril's mind goes wild with marketing possibilties while Ralph, fulfilling his role as a skeptical newspaper editor, refuses to believe what he can't see with his own eyes. Nevertheless, Melissa does what she can to confirm the veracity of its existence.

The media descends upon the Evergreen Forest and Melissa fields all the questions. At this same time, Cyril commissions the Pigs to construct a mechanical monster. But Bert however stops them, and Cyril was once again caught in the act. Finally, Cyril's scheme is revealed to the public and they refuse to give him any more business. Meanwhile, the true identity of the Evergreen Monster remains a mystery to all, except for Melissa.





Bert: I gotta hand it to you Melissa. You sure know how to pack a picnic basket.
Melissa: And you sure know how to empty one!

Cyril: Money is no object!
Pig Three: Uh, are you feeling okay boss?

Smedley Smythe: I have a theory that the creature is from the later Jurassic period.
Bert: That late huh?

(Bert snags a lasso round one of the monster's horns)

Bert: I got it! I got it!

(The monster then swims off, dragging Bert along with it)

Bert: It's got me! IT'S GOT ME! HELP!


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