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Moving In!
Season 5, Episode 3
Air Date 1990
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Moving In! is the 50th episode of The Raccoons.


Ralph's big brother George moves into the Evergreen Forest, along with his wife Nicole, and Lisa and Bentley. Lisa has trouble getting adjusted to living in the forest, away from all her friends. Meanwhile, the Pigs are fired, and get a job working at Mr. Knox's TV station, K.N.O.X. TV.


When Mr. Knox offers to give chef extraordinaire George Raccoon an opportunity to have his own cooking show, Chef Surprise, he moves his family out to the Evergreen Forest. Bentley is excited for the new opportunities, but Lisa, obviously a star athlete and popular kid at her old school, is down in the dumps about having to start over. Meanwhile, Cyril fires the Pigs and they find new employment with Mr. Knox on one of his television programs.

Lisa plans to alleviate her sorrows by playing basketball. Bert joins her and while he's not that great of an athlete (Lisa easily beats him), he teaches her that even as she needs to be a great teammate on the court, the same effort is required to make a family success. Thus, she repents and joins her family at her dad's most crucial point.

While George's show is a success (bolstered by Lisa's presence in the audience), the Pigs somehow manage to screw things up again and after Knox fires them, Cyril takes them back, and Lisa and Bentley are firmly established in the Evergreen Forest.




  • The first episode to feature Bentley and Lisa's parents, George and Nicole Raccoon, in speaking roles (voiced by Dan Hennessey and Elizabeth Hanna in a French accent, respectively), and the last to feature Nick Nichols as Pig One; Nick Nichols' illness (and subsequent death) led to his replacement by English singer Keith Hampshire (who is incorrectly credited as the voice of Pig One) beginning with the next episode.
  • Mr. Barnes is voiced by Len Carlson instead of Nick Nichols, although Barnes is credited as the "K.N.O.X. TV Director."
  • Carl Banas is not credited for voicing Schaeffer in this episode.
  • Beginning this episode, Lisa's eye shadow is now indigo instead of pink, and her pink clothes are more brighter than in her previous appearance.
  • Nicole mentions that Professor Smedley-Smythe might have a job for her at the Evergreen Museum.
  • This is the only time George Raccoon had a job, and the same personality as Ralph.
  • This episode shows that even through the pigs annoy Cyril, he does care about them and is seen missing them after he fired them.
  • Stock footage from Read No Evil!, The Chips Are Down!, A Catered Affair!, Spring Fever!, and Stealing the Show! is reused in the beginning of this episode.
  • "Milk Can Floyd" is a jokey reference to Boston Red Sox pitcher "Oil Can" Boyd.
  • Lisa's favorite dessert is Chocolate Cherry Cheese Cake Supreme. However, raccoons are unable to digest the chemicals found in chocolate, which results in vomiting and death.
  • Before the intro, right before Lisa ended her outburst, George's right leg was without color. but in the main episode, that error was remedied.


George: Ah Nicole, what if I bomb? What if I don't get the job? I wish none of this had ever happened.
Nicole: Well it did happen, and we'll get through it. We're all going to be out there rooting for you George.

Mr Willow: Hello boys! What can I do for you?
Pig One: I'm glad you asked Mr Willow. As a result of our recent cutbacks, we find ourselves available for gainful employment.
Pig Two: Or we could use a job.

Pig Two: More pies sir?
Cyril: Ha ha! I haven't had this much fun since my last tax refund!
Pig Two: We'd make a pretty good team, right boss?
Cyril: I've seen worse!

Lisa: (on the phone) Sorry about that. Uh, how's the basketball game doing without me? They won? Gee... that's... that's great. You have to go? Oh, no, no, I've got lots to do. Say hi to everybody for me. Bye.

Bentley: We're off to the ball game, Lisa. Wanna come?
Lisa: (hangs up the phone) No thanks, Bentley. I still have to unpack some stuff.

Bentley: You know, Bert, I think living in the forest is gonna be just fine.
Lisa: Yeah... just fine.

Pig One: Boss? About that little accident with the shredder...
Cyril: It's coming out of your salary!
Pigs (In unison): You mean... we can have our old jobs back?
Cyril: Might as well. I wouldn't wish you three messed up meatballs on anyone else!

Bert: I could introduce a new recipe. Dare-deviled eggs! (Laughs)
Ralph: That sounds about right, coming from a canned ham!

Bert: You're not saying much, Lisa! Uh, how was your day?
Lisa: Lousy, as if you care.
Melissa: What's wrong, Lisa?
Lisa: Everything! Everything's wrong! I've got no friends anymore, I miss my school, I HATE THIS HOUSE!
George: That's enough, young lady! We've all got a lot of adjusting to do!
Lisa: Oh, sure! Everyone else is happy! Nobody cares what I think! None of this would have happened if you hadn't lost your job!
Nicole: LISA!
Lisa: (runs away sobbing) It's all your fault! I hope you don't get that stupid job at the station! (slams door and continues sobbing)


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