Mr. Knox

Mr. Knox, a southern crocodile/business mogul, is an acquaintance of Cyril Sneer's

Personality Edit

Mr. Knox can be more ruthless and even more wealthy than Cyril. Married to Lady Baden-Baden, and the owner of the TV company K.N.O.X. TV.



Lady Baden-BadenEdit

Mr. Knox gets along with Lady Baden-Baden, in a nice way, attending her social parties end events. It is later revealed in Courting Disaster! that he has been in love with her from quite a time, so he confronts Cyril Sneer after due to a misunderstanding, the latter was getting married with her. Even after Cyril Sneer won, Lady Baden-Baden decided that she was in love with Knox too. They got married and lived happilly ever after. During the episode A Catered Affair! he was almost losing her, because he was raised in an old male dominance fashion, so he didn't want her to work, but they solved their differences by the end.

Cyril SneerEdit

Cyril Sneer is an old acquaintance to Mr. Knox, a fellow tycoon and business partner, but sometimes also a rival. Even if they get along in a friendly manner, that doesn't stop Knox in trying to kick Cyril Sneer out of his mansion when a business has gone wrong and wants him to pay what was lost.