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Mr. Willow runs Willow's General Store.


Mr. Willow is polite and friendly to his customers, but he has no tolerance for others' misdeeds, including fighting in his store, shoplifting, and voter fraud.


Mr. Willow wears blue glasses, a white dress shirt, a blue bow tie, orange sleeve garters, gray suspenders, brown pants, and black dress shoes. In a flashback in The One That Got Away!, his younger self wears a similar outfit, the differences being the lack of glasses, bow tie, and sleeve garters, red suspenders, and a boater hat.


It's not officially known what kind of animal he is supposed to resemble, however he looks quite like a bear. However, he doesn't resemble any of Cyril Sneer's bears. He has white fur, so that could possibly mean he might be a polar bear.

He may be also older than Cyril. As seen in a flashback when a 10 year old Cyril is seen fishing at the secret fishing hole and a younger Mr. Willow (probably in the late teens-early 20s) is seen rowing a boat with a woman (possibly his wife).




  • In the Canadian-French version of the cartoon, Mr. Willow's name is M. Dubois.