Opportunity Knocks!
Season 1, Episode 8
Air Date 1986
Previous The Intruders!
Next Cry Wolf!
Opportunity Knocks! is episode 8.

Plot Edit

Ralph is set to take an editing job in the city, while Schaeffer and Broo are moving away with Ranger Dan, it looks like the gang is going to split up...until they find something worth staying for.




  • This episode shows Melissa's hobby, which is photography.
  • Bert expresses his dislike for the city.
  • This is the episode in which the gang start the Evergreen Standard which is set in the shed seen from Buried Treasure!. Ralph is the editor, Melissa is the photographer, and Bert is the reporter (he also delivers the paper).
  • Dan reveals that he originally wanted this move for Tommy and Julie, for better education, and also to see his sister.
  • Cedric notes that Cyril evicted Cedric's grandmother (which we don't know if it's Cyril's mother or his late wife's mother).
  • A flashback reveals that Ralph, Melissa and Bert have known each other since they were little kits, (the latter two having known each other before Ralph had).
  • Among the animals that read the Evergreen Standard about Cyril's latest "take over the Evergreen Forest" scheme are the following - a family of rabbits, a beaver, a family of owls, a mountain goat, a turtle with two fish, a porcupine, a skunk with a chipmunk and squirrel, two birds, even bugs (nearly all who live in the Evergreen Forest)! Now Cyril has made it his mission to try and destroy the Evergreen Standard.
  • Though she does not appear in this episode, Sophia is mentioned and is credited by mistake.
  • This episode is based on the formation of Hinton Animation Studios in 1986, who would animate for the remainder of the series beginning with season 2.
  • Also when Melissa spots Cyril in the forest, he is heard saying 'Speed it up,this isn't a garden party', he said the same phrase in The Christmas Raccoons.

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