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Power Trip!
Season 2, Episode 4
Air Date 1987
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Power Trip! is the 15th episode of The Raccoons.


Due to an unpaid bill for $881.54, Mammoth Power cuts Cyril's energy supply, and Cyril plans to build a hydro dam to put Mr. Mammoth in his place. But there's a catch - it must be completed in 48 hours. Ralph's old aunt Gertie Raccoon shows up when he and Melissa are about to go on a canoe trip. Upon hearing of peanut butter fudge, Bert volunteers to stay and look after her. Bert and Cedric learn the hard way that old folks aren't as helpless as they look.




  • This is the only appearance of Gertie Raccoon, voiced by Pauline Rennie, who is more known for her work on The Care Bears Family, Just Mary, Maggie Muggins, Star Wars: Ewoks, The Care Bears Movie and Popples.
  • Bert breaks the fourth wall when looks right in the camera when he finds out what he and Aunt Gertie are both doing while Ralph and Melissa are gone.
  • Second time Cedric mentions his middle name, "Sydney".
  • First time we hear Cyril say "Capisce".
  • Third appearance by Mr. Mammoth and his assistant.
  • When Cyril's bears are building the dam, you can see a Care Bear on the top visible level. However, we can't see if the symbol on the chest is Grams Bear or not.
  • Michael Magee, Carl Banas and Sharon Lewis are credited respectively as Snag, Schaeffer and Sophia, but they do not appear in this episode.
  • This episode marks the third time Cyril pulls on his ears in frustration when he has to pay Mr. Mammoth the bill.


Pig Two: It's a bill from the Mammoth Power Company!
Pig Three: So what? (opens locker full of bills) We have hundreds of those!

Narrator: The Raccoondominium is abuzz of excitement this Sunday morning, as Ralph and Melissa prepare themselves for a long awaited vacation.

Melissa: Ralph! I think we've got everything we need for our canoe trip!
Bert: Yeah, Ralphie, uh... as an experienced explorer, I can tell you, uh... you gotta travel light.
Ralph: Oh, yeah, that reminds me. Here, Bert. Pack these. They'll come in handy.
Melissa: Oh, no.
Bert: (chuckles) Hey, listen to this! 100 Different Moose Calls... Travel by the Stars... Official History of the Can Opener! (chuckles)
Ralph: Boy, am I looking forward to this trip to the great outdoors! I just love roughing it!
Bert: Yeah! And you won't even have cable!

Ralph: Well, that's it, Melissa! Now we're ready for anything!

Melissa: Are you certain you'll be fine on your own, Bert?
Bert: Ah, don't worry about me, Melissa. Cedric and I are gonna hike, swim, fish, bike, and uh, play some ball, eh, then after lunch, eh, we'll catch a couple of movies, and uh, eh, climb Freens Peak. You know, relax and stuff.

Ralph: There. It all fits! And it's as light as a feather!

(someone knocks on the door)

Bert: Oh, that must be Cedric!

(Melissa walks to the door and opens it; revealing Aunt Gertie)

Aunt Gertie: Hi, Melissa! Ralph?
Ralph: Oh! Uh... hi, Aunt Gertie!
Aunt Gertie: It's so good to see you!
Ralph: Uh, Aunt Gertie, we were just expecting you! She's not supposed to arrive here till the 18th!
Bert: Huh? Uh... today is the 18th, Ralph.
Ralph: Oh, no!
Aunt Gertie: And this must be Bert. I've heard so much about you.
Bert: Oh yeah. Pleased to meet you. (to Aunt Gertie) Can I get you a wheelchair? I mean, a chair?
Aunt Gertie: It's okay, my legs still work, dear.

Bert: Now... did you say something about... peanut butter fudge?

Pig One: Okay, let's go over this one more time!

Aunt Gertie: Hiking is my middle name!
Cedric: Mine is Sydney!

(The Pigs are during a phase of building a hydro-electric dam for Cyril)

Pig One: When we unleash this water tomorrow, there'll be enough electricity to make the lights on Broadway look like a 10-watt bulb!

Cyril: Get the lead out! You bears are slower than the service at a French restaurant!

Melissa: Hey! I don't remember pitching the tent this close to the water! Something strange is going on here.
Ralph: Nonsense Melissa! It must have been a heavy dew!

(The Pigs have finished building the dam)

Pig One: Phew! Just in time!
Pig Two: Now we can unleash the water of Phase One.
Pig Three: But first thing's first!
All: Right! Lunch!

Bert: So what do you think of the view of the Evergreen River?
Aunt Gertie: What river?
Bert: Well you can't miss it, it's right over... What?! The river! It's gone!

(One of the Pigs accidentally trips on to the detonator and blows up the temporary dam)

Cyril: YOU IDIOT! I wanted to push that! You blundering bacon buffoon!

Aunt Gertie: Hang on Bert!
Bert: To what?!

Bert: (to Gertie who's driving the motorcycle he's sitting in) Do you have your pilot's licence for this thing?!

Cyril: This is your first and final notice Mammoth. When the Sneer name goes up in lights, Mammoth Power will be snuffed out like a birthday candle!

Cedric: Bert and I got this for you.
Aunt Gertie: Wow! A brand new pair of hiking boots!
Cedric: It's the ultra deluxe model. Good for 100,000 miles!
Bert: Yeah, we figured these should last you a few weeks anyway!

Aunt Gertie: I've got to get to the 60th annual stunt motorcycle and shuffleboard tourney.

Bert: Well, we'd better start napping. We've gotta store a LOT of energy for Aunt Gertie's next visit!


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