Promises Promises!
Season 5, Episode 7
Air Date 1990
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Promises Promises! is the 54th episode of The Raccoons.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Bert bites off more than he can chew, trying to please everyone in preparation for the Fall Fair. Meanwhile, The Pigs' mother visits again, just in time to witness their little jam-making scheme which turns out backfiring when they decide to increase the pressure tenfold, with concurrent reduction on cooking time; in response, they decide to enter one of their mother's jars of jam into competition.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

(The Pigs are cooking something for the Fall Fair)

Pig Three: The instructions say to boil fruit in the pressure cooker at 10lbs for twenty minutes. So I figure if we make it to 200lbs for one minute it'll be twice as good!
Pig Two: You know, your math's getting better everyday Lloyd!

Cyril: (To the Pigs) If you three were buildings you'd be condemned! I want this kitchen rebuilt perfectly and it's coming out of your salary now!

Pig One: (On a PA) Attention! It seems not all of you are aware of the rules! Rule number 1 - all those with red labels on their jars... hands up!

(some animals put their hands up)

Pig Two: You're disqualified!
Pig One: Now don't get ugly!
Pig Two: We're just doing our jobs!

Pig One: We're in deep this time guys!
Pig Two: With Mom judging, she's sure to recognise her own preserves!
Pig Three: And we'll be in a pickle.
Pig One: Oh what a jam!

Bert: I did a sloppy job on the fireworks. I should have worked harder on everything!
Melissa: You just worked too hard on too many things Bert.
Bert: Yeah, and I let all my friends down.
Ralph: Bert, we are your friends, and that's what makes it alright to say no to us.
Melissa: We don't expect you to be a superman.
Ralph: We understand.
Bert: Gee, thanks guys.

Narrator: Sometimes, trying to help out our friends, we make all sorts of promises. But the best promises of all are the ones we can keep.

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