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Ralph Raccoon


Ralph Raccoon
Ralphie-Boy (by Bert)
Charles Laveur

First Appeared

The Christmas Raccoons

Voice Actors

Bob Dermer (1980-1991)
Hubert Gagnon (French version)
Risto Aaltonen (Finnish version)
Sven Dahlem (German version)





Birth date

late 1950s/early 1960s


Star Editor of the Evergreen Standard, chef, pilot


Melissa (wife)
George (older brother)
Nicole (older sister)
Lisa (niece)
Bentley (nephew)
Gertie (aunt)
Rocky (uncle)
Broo (pet)
Wendy (daughter)


Herman (only met in Read No Evil!)
Troy Malone (only met in The Sky's the Limit!)
The Great Tromboni (only met in The Great Escape!)
Miss Primrose (only met in Making the Grade!)
Ingrid Bellamour (only met in Cold Feet!)
Julie (only met once in The Christmas Raccoons)
Tommy (only met once in The Christmas Raccoons)


Cyril Sneer
The Pigs
The Bears

Ralph Raccoon is one of the main characters in The Raccoons. He is Melissa Raccoon's husband, Bentley and Lisa Raccoon's uncle, Nicole and George Raccoon's brother, Rocky and Gertie Raccoon's nephew, and Bert and Cedric's friend.


Ralph Raccoon is the "star" editor of the Evergreen Forest newspaper, The Evergreen Standard. While at university, Ralph involved himself in student politics and other social activities.

According to Ralph in "The Sky's The Limit!", he met Melissa when he spilled a cup of coffee on her. However, they've known each other since they were kids, so it's possible the coffee incident happened when they were children.


Being an ex-hippie, Ralph chose the Evergreen Forest to live in because of the outdoors and the healthy environment. His job as editor of The Evergreen Standard keeps him involved with all of the shenanigans of Cyril Sneer and his attempts to ruin the Evergreen Forest.

With the help of Bert and Melissa, his ace reporter and fab photographer, they manage to stay one step ahead of the destruction planned by the prickly pink aardvark and his not-so-perfect hench-pigs!

Ralph is also an expert canoeist. He even made his own canoe - out of birch bark.


Ralph has appeared in all four specials and all 60 episodes of the television series, and has had speaking roles in all but silent in two episodes ("A Catered Affair!" and "Endless Summer!"). He also appears in the reboot.


Ralph wears a red scarf in the first two specials (albeit archive footage in The Raccoons: Let's Dance!). But in the last two specials, the TV series and the reboot, his scarf is white. In a younger age, he still retains his white scarf, and in "Opportunity Knocks!", he also wears a blue baseball cap, but in "Making the Grade!" and "The One That Got Away!", he still retains his white scarf without his blue baseball cap. In "Double Play!", he still retains his white scarf and wears a red baseball cap.


Melissa Raccoon[]

Melissa is Ralph's wife (whom he loves dearly), Ralph has a deep affection for his wife as she does to him, they get on like a perfect couple, although at some times Ralph can seem to get Melissa mad, you know these two lovebirds will never part. According to Ralph, he and Melissa met when he spilled a cup of coffee on her. It's unknown when this happened, but both Ralph and Melissa are seen as children so it's possible it may have happened during their childhood.

Bert Raccoon[]

Bert has known Ralph since they were kids, and their friendship has always been firm, sometimes Bert can be quite annoying to Ralph by ruining his gourmet dishes with peanut butter, losing peanut butter sandwiches in the printer and just goofing around, but there are times when Ralph gets on Bert's nerves by doing a terrible faux French accent while cooking and telling bad jokes with terrible puns, but overall these two buddies will always retain a friendship as strong as glue.

Cedric Sneer[]

Cedric is a good friend of Ralph's, and along with the rest of the crew from the forest they get on well in a team. Their most memorable moment together was in "The Intruders!" when Ralph was trapped in the Sneer Vault with Cedric, Bert, Melissa, Broo and Cyril had to rescue them. Another time they spent the night in a haunted house with Bert (as part of Cedric's initiation for their club), and they ended up getting spooked by three odd pig-shaped ghosts ("A Night to Remember").

George Raccoon[]

George Raccoon is Ralph's older brother. They get along pretty well (as evidenced when Ralph helps George and his family move in and attends George's interview with Mr. Knox for moral support), but little has been said of how they were during their childhood.

Schaeffer the Dog[]

Schaeffer is a good friend of Ralph. Whenever the printer needs some maintenance, he can count on him to give a hand. They also share passion for watching sports on TV.

Troy Malone[]

Troy was Melissa's former boyfriend. In "The Sky's the Limit!", Ralph saw Troy as a rival for Melissa's affections, causing him to suffer feelings of jealousy and inferiority. However, Melissa reassured Ralph of her love for him.

Cyril Sneer[]

Cyril's devious deals often keep Ralph's (along with Melissa and Bert) activities busy with the Evergreen Standard. He doesn't have a strong hatred of Cyril, he just doesn't like him much, whenever Cyril's plans fail or is brought down to earth, he can't often help but laugh at him, Cyril once offered to do a "Flying Circus" with him after crashing a plane trying to win Melissa's heart, but he turned the offer down after Melissa forgave him for his foolishness.

Rocky Raccoon[]

Rocky is Ralph's uncle (and possibly the husband of Gertie). He was never seen in the series but appears as a photo cameo in "Blast from the Past!" when Ralph showed a photograph of him to Melissa. According to Ralph, he served as a bush pilot during World War II.

Gertie Raccoon[]

Gertie is Ralph's aunt (and possibly the wife of Rocky). They get along just fine despite Gertie's wild nature.

Bentley Raccoon[]

Bentley is Ralph's nephew, but in "Stop the Clock!", he is Ralph's cousin.

Lisa Raccoon[]

Lisa is Ralph's niece.

Nicole Raccoon[]

Nicole is Ralph's sister-in-law.

Broo the Puppy[]

Sophia Tutu[]

Miss Primrose[]

Miss Primrose is Ralph's old school teacher.

Ingrid Bellamour[]

Herman Zechariah Stroll[]

The Great Tromboni[]

Lady Baden-Baden[]

Mr. Knox[]



Mr. Willow[]



  • In the Canadian-French version of the cartoon, Ralph's name is Charles Laveur.


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