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Season 1, Episode 10
Air Date 1986
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Rumours! is the 10th episode of The Raccoons.


Cedric and Sophia overhear that royalty is coming to the Evergreen Forest, sending Bert on a quest to become a knight, and leading Cyril to believe that his family title (taken away after his great-great uncle Excalibur Sneer tried to steal the crown jewels) is about to be restored. Unfortunately for both of them, things are not quite what they seem.




  • First time we see the Sneer Library, which is inside the Mansion. It has as follows - the complete works of William Shakesneer, the Sneer Dynasty, the Sneer Coat of Arms, Emily Aardvark's etiquette book, and the sword Excalibur Sneer was knighted with. We learn that there is blue blood in the Sneer Family.
  • We learn that Sophia has a problem with keeping secrets.
  • This is the first episode where Schaeffer does not appear. He is, however, listed in the voice credits.
  • During the scene where Ralph and Melissa meet Bert, Cedric and Sophia, an instrumental version of Got Me Singing is heard playing. The sung version would not be heard until the penultimate episode of the following season.
  • Excalibur Sneer's name is a play on the legendary sword wielded by King Arthur.
  • First appearance of the Forest Bowl, which is used for various events.
  • Stock footage from Surprise Attack and Going It Alone! is used in this episode.
  • Snag buries his bones everywhere around the yard outside the mansion.
  • In Time Trap, Cyril goes back in time to the moment he was pushed onto the stage and unlike in this episode, he makes a better speech and is Knighted but that turns out to be all a dream.
  • In one shot where Ralph and Melissa are on stage looking at Cyril, a moose resembling Bullwinkle the Moose from Rocky and Bullwinkle could be seen in the audience.


  • Cedric tells Sophia that Excalibur Sneer was Cyril's great-great-great uncle. Cyril, a few minutes later, states that Excalibur was his "great-great" uncle.


(The Bears are tidying up Cyril's garden)

Cyril: Can't you bears speed it up? If you were any slower you'd be unionised! I want this mansion to make the Taj Mahal look like a toolshed!

Bert: Now I'll be Sir Bert! Defender of the feeble, champion of the weak and employee of the month! The shining knight of the Evergreen Forest!

(One of Cyril's pigs snatches Bert's stuff from him)

Cyril: Make that blazing idiot, bandit face!

(Cyril accidentally crashed Melissa and Ralph's play, thinking that the real royal family were showing up)

Ralph: (whispering) What's going on?
Melissa: (whispering) I don't know Ralph. But make like it's part of the play. The show must go on. (speaks to audience) I have the most wonderful news! The royal family is coming to our forest.
Ralph: The royal family? Coming to our forest? How soon do they arrive?
Cyril: Er, um, I don't know. They should be here in a few minutes... unless they stopped for some last minute shopping!
Ralph: What?! Er, last minute shopping?
Melissa: They're coming to bestow a special honour on one of our own! It's to be a surprise!
Cyril: You're telling me.
Ralph: Er, what brings you, fair knight, to our forest?
Cyril: I was just in the neighbourhood... I er... I just thought I'd drop by. (he slips and falls over, causing the audience to laugh)


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