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Science Friction!
Season 4, Episode 10
Air Date 1989
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Science Friction! is the 44th episode of The Raccoons.


Cyril goes out of control trying to be a good father for Cedric, when he builds an amateur flying machine to enter in the science fair. When Bert finds a tar pit with dinosaur bones in it, The Pigs see some competition, and sabotage Bert's science project in the form of pouring Snag's bones into the pit, with Snag bent on revenge.


With Bert and Cedric both preparing science fiction projects, the Pigs dig up Snag's bones and make them appear to be dinosaur bones to stymie Bert (so that Cedric can win), while Cyril commandeers Cedric's project, until finally, Cedric and Cyril come to a boiling point and no longer work together effectively.

Meanwhile, the Pigs ensue in their deception of Bert. Finally, Cedric and Cyril come to a resolution, while the Pigs are once again stymies for their dastardly deeds.




  • Apparently Snag has bones burried in all parts of the lawn outside Sneer Mansion.
  • In one shot, Cedric's bowtie is blue instead of yellow.
  • The fossil Bert discovers belongs to a Tyrannosaurus-Rex.
  • When Cyril goes to find Cedric, he is later seen wearing armor when he is at the museum.
  • Broo is seen rolling his eyes when Bert is talking.
  • When Cyril is wearing armor in the museum and he finds Cedric and Bert, we hear him call Cedric's name yet his mouth doesn't move.


Professor Smedley-Smythe: How’s your science project coming along, young fellow?
Bert: I can’t wait to show it to you, professor! It’s gonna be dynamite!
Professor Smedley-Smythe: Oh dear! I don’t believe we can allow explosives in a museum.

(The Pigs are cleaning a fountain in Cyril's garden)

Pig Two: Do you think we'll ever move up in this business?
Pig One: I know we will. When we're done this the boss wants us to shingle the roof!

Cyril: (singing) Barley, barley, huck and rye, that's the way we aardvarks fly! Some fly east and some fly west, and some fly over the cuckoo's nest!


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