Search and Rescue!
Season 4, Episode 5
Air Date 1989
Previous A Catered Affair!
Next Spring Fever!
Search and Rescue! was episode 39.

Premise Edit

Bert and Cedric go exploring on Jack Pine Island to find a fallen meteorite, but they don't tell anyone where they're going, and get stranded. Soon everyone else is desperately scouring the forest, and consulting Lady Baden-Baden's astrology, to find them. Meanwhile, the Pigs use some astrology of their own in attempt to get a raise out of the boss, only to have him take a plunge in Banana sales.

Plot Edit

One of the major tenants of exploring is telling loved ones where you're going and when you plan to return. Nevertheless, Bert and Cedric omit this vital principle and keep everyone wondering where they are. Lady Baden-Baden, being an astrology proponent, uses her methods to try to divine where they are.

While Lady Baden-Baden's astrology is deemed to be somewhat inefficient, the Pigs try some necromancy of their own, but not withstanding everyone's efforts, Bert, Cedric and Broo remain lost. Finally, our gallant heroes are rescued although the Pigs' sorceries backfire on them as they're forced to eat all the bananas that they convinced Cyril to invest in.

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