Snag is the pet dog of Cyril Sneer.


Bio Edit

According to Cyril, Snag is a Bluepoint Ridgeback Retriever. He has blue fur and has a nose similar to his owners. He is shown to be aggressive to The Pigs, especially when he is loyal to Cyril. Snag also likes food and is seen in Surprise Attack looking and trying to get Cedric's lunch,in Opportunity Knocks when a mob is throwing food at the window at Sneer Mansion,Snag is seen trying to get food that the mob throw but is hit with a watermelon. Snag also ate Cyril's cigar after he threw it in Going It Alone.



Cyril SneerEdit

Snag is very loyal to his master.

Cedric SneerEdit

Snag appears loyal to Cedric and he saved Cedric's life in Picture Perfect. In Going It Alone he is seen growling at Cedric but this could be because Cedric mention Bert in which Cyril found out Bert was going to climb The Evergreen Mountain.

The PigsEdit

Snag appears to dislike the pigs and is seen growling at them.