Snake Eyes LaTour

Snake Eyes LaTour was an outlaw who lived in the late 1800s to early 1900s who robbed trains for a living. Around the early 1900s, he hijacked and stole the Evergreen 504 which was carrying the Railroad Company payroll of $10,000,000 and hid the train on an old spur line deep in the Evergreen Forest. According to Cyril, whenever he stole a train, he would always hide the money in the locomotive's steam dome and come back for it later. However when he stole the 504, he decided to change his course and hide the money by burying it beneath the coal load in the locomotive's tender. Snake Eyes was later captured by the law but no one ever found the 504 again until it was discovered by Bert and Cedric decades later.

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  • Snake Eyes LaTour is probably based off of the infamous American Outlaw Jesse James, who also robbed trains, as well as stagecoaches and banks, back in the days of the Old West. His appearance almost resembles Billy the Kid.
  • Snake Eyes' revolvers strongly resemble Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolvers, which was used by infamous outlaws, lawmen, and cowboys at the time.
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