Sneer Mansion is the residence of Cyril, Cedric, Snag, the Bears and the Pigs.

The mansion appears in every episode of the series and in the opening credits when Cyril Sneer is introduced. The mansion from the front has aardvark statues and from the back it has a garage as well as a massive garden with a maze which has been seen in some episodes. Also there is a swimming pool which is further away from the mansion. It appears that Cyril has lived there since he was young as he is seen in the episode "Last Legs!" in a picture when he was 7 years old evicting his family yet in the episode "Simon Says!" he appears in a picture with his older brother Simon with Fern behind them working as he worked for the Sneers. The mansion appears to have lots of rooms along with hallways and stairs, throughout the Mansion there appears to be aardvark statues and old pictures of different aardvarks of the Sneer family. The rooms that have been seen in the series is the lobby, the kitchen, the front room along with the dining room, the computer room, the conference room in which Cyril tells the bears and the Pigs his plans as seen in the episode "Surprise Attack!". Cedric's room has been seen along with Cyril's room but the room that has been seen the most is Cyril's office. There is also another room which appears to be a spare room as the Pigs' mother Mrs. Pig stayed. The Bears and the Pigs have their own quarters which is downstairs. An attic has been seen as well and underneath the Mansion it appears to be a massive underground which was seen in "The Intruders!". Cyril also has a lot of security around the mansion to look out for intruders in which an alarm rings out in the mansion to alert Cyril. 

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