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Spring Fever!
Season 4, Episode 6
Air Date 1989
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Spring Fever! is the 40th episode of The Raccoons.


Bert falls in love with Lisa, Bentley's older sister, when she comes to visit the Evergreen Forest. After much procrastination, he gets a date with her. But will Lisa return his feelings? Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer must choose to attend a camp reunion with Cedric or meet infamous tycoon J.P. Gordon.


Bert develops a crush on the gorgeous Lisa Raccoon and seeks to do all types of things to please her. In fact, he even shuns activities he's previously enjoyed. While Lisa encompasses virtually all of his thoughts, Cyril has designs of cutting a deal with his idol, J.P. Gordon, who is staying at Knox's house. Bert tries to do all he can to impress her and visualizes himself as her hero. Meanwhile, Cyril continues in his futile attempts to get near to Gordon.

Finally, Bert is heartbroken as soon as he realizes Lisa, although she tries to tell him as gently as possible, doesn't feel the way about him at that moment that he does about her considering they had just met. Nevertheless, a sliver of hope remains for him as Lisa later sends him a letter, calling him a "friend always".




  • First appearance of Lisa Raccoon, voiced by, and named after, series featured vocalist Lisa Lougheed.
  • First and only appearance of Cyril Sneer's idol/friend, J.P. Gordon, voiced by Marvin Goldhar.
  • Broo and his voice actress Sharon Lewis are uncredited despite his barking.
  • The dragon in Bert's fantasy looks slightly like the title character in The Railway Dragon and in its sequel The Birthday Dragon. Coincidentally, Sheldon S. Wiseman, executive producer of The Raccoons, also executive-produced The Railway Dragon, and the same animators of the series worked on the movie.
  • It appears that Lady Baden Baden has a dog named Fluffy (voiced by Michael Magee) as it is heard growling at Cyril but Fluffy has never been seen or mentioned.
  • During the scene where Cyril attempts to climb up to J.P. Gordon's office, he mentions that Knox "will be alligator pie". "Alligator Pie" is a children's poem written by Dennis Lee in 1974.
  • Bert references the old movie, "Love is a Very Splendid Thing" which is a parody of Love is a Many-Splendored Thing.
  • It is revealed that Lady Baden Baden has cacti in her garden as Cyril had fallen on it and later the pigs are seen removing parts of the cacti from Cyril's behind and Cyril is heard saying "Of all the plants in the world, Lady Baden Baden has to grow cactus".
  • It is also revealed as a Valentine's Day episode, according to the part of Bert's fantasy.
  • The title of this episode is very similar to other occasions.
  • This is the fifth and last episode animated by Greg Bailey.
  • Stock footage from "Read No Evil!" and "A Catered Affair!" is used at the beginning of this episode.


Bert: (reading from a book) "Dating made easy in 500 easy lessons". That doesn't sound easy to me!

Bentley: (teasing Bert) Bert and Lisa sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
Bert: However Bentley you are not so very funny!

(Bentley and Cedric laughing)

Bentley: (looking through some comic books) Wow! You've got Fog Man #1! The Undesirables... The Caped Kid... and The Mole Lady!
Bert: (who is smartening his appearence) Hey, Bentley. What do you think?
Bentley: (chuckles) I think you look like one of the Undesirables! (chuckles)
Bert: Says you!

Lisa: Hello? Anybody home? Hi, Bert. Hiya, Bentley.
Bert: Oh. (chuckles) Uh, L-L-L-L-L-Lisa, w-w-w-what a surprise!
Lisa: Bert, what happened to your hair?
Bentley: It's the new windswept look.
Lisa: Oh. I just wanna see your clubhouse, Bert. Bentley has told me so much about it. You don't mind, do you?
Bert: No. (clears throat) In fact, I'm honored.
Bentley: In fact, Bert was just wondering if you...
Bert: (covering Bentley's mouth) Did you ever... (stuttering) the tuba?
Lisa: Gee I haven't, Bert. Why?
Bert: Oh... (chuckles) No reason.

Pig Three: J.P. and Knox are inside the athletic club Boss.
Cyril: I can't picture Knox doing pushups!
Pig Three: Oh my... they were here!
Pig One: The steam bath boss! They must be in there!
Cyril: (walking into steam room) Good work boys. You'll get a raise for this.
Pig Three: A raise!
Cyril: J.P.? J.P. Gordon? Have I got something for you!
Lady: (horrified) Oh, there's a man in here!!!
Pig Three: Oops... so much for our raise.

Bert: Ralph?
Ralph: Yeah, Bert?
Bert: Uh, ever have a girlfriend?
Ralph: Sure did, pal.
Bert: What happened?
Ralph: I married her.
Bert: Oh, yeah.
Ralph: Later, Bert.
Bert: Okay, Ralph.

Cedric: (talking on the phone) Evergreen Standard.
Cyril: Cedric?
Cedric: Oh, hi, Pop!

Lisa: Uh, Bert... I'm not sure I have time for dinner. I gotta catch in less than an hour.
Bert: No problem, we'll eat right away!

Cyril: Alright, I'm through pussyfooting around! We're going to tunnel into Knox's mansion!
Pig Three: Oh, Lady Baden-Baden won't like that Boss. You know how she hates muddy footprints all over the house.

Cyril: "To the best... Pop... in the world... for the occasion... of our first father... son banquet... love, Cedric." Oh, Cedric. What have I done? (looks at the clock) I can just make it.

Mr. Knox: Is Mr. Sneer about? I brought J.P. Gordon around to meet him as I said I would.
Pig Two: Uh, okay, uh, uh, uh...
Mr. Knox: Uh, tell Mr. Sneer we don't have much time.
Pig Three: Oh yes sir. (stutters) Don't go away, sir. (calls to Cyril) Boss! J.P. Gordon is here to see you!
Cyril: J.P. Gordon? (calls to the Pigs) Tell Knox I'm sorry! I've got someone much more important to meet!
Pig One: (laughing nervously) You heard the boss! Guess he's too busy! (laughs)
Mr. Knox: I'll be sure to pass that on to J.P. Gordon.

Bert: Uh, Lisa, uh, did you ever see that old movie, "Love is a Very Splendid Thing"?
Lisa: Why, sure.
Bert: Well, uh... you know that scene where Rip Tide and Virginia Creeper meet on the river boat?
Lisa: And pledge their undying love? Ah, it's one of my favorites!
Bert: Good, good! Well... (clears throat) ...think of this cafe as the river boat.
Lisa: (giggles) That sounds like fun! "Oh, Rip, your eyes are like the southern nights!" (giggles)
Bert: Look, I'm trying to be serious here, Lisa!
Lisa: (giggles) Sorry, Bert, go on.
Bert: I'm just trying to tell you that... well, uh... we were... meant for each other.
Lisa: Oh, Bert...
Bert: Yeah?
Lisa: I am flattered. But we don't know each other... well enough. I... I mean... I like you, Bert. But as a... friend...
Bert: Oh. If that's the way you feel about it!
Lisa: Oh, Bert... don't be angry with me.
Bert: ANGRY?! Who's angry?! I'm not angry! Well... gee, uh... look at the time! You better hurry or you'll, uh, miss your train!
Lisa: Bert...
Bert: (runs away from Lisa) Thank you ever so much for coming! It's been a slice!

Lisa: I guess Bert isn't coming to say goodbye. I feel terrible, Melissa. He must really be angry with me.
Bentley: Big deal. Everybody gets angry with sisters, now and then.
Melissa: I'll tell him how you feel, Lisa. I'm sure he'll be alright, he just needs a... a little time.
Lisa: Tell Bert I'll write him!

Lisa: Don't forget to say goodbye to Bert for me!
Melissa: We will!

(the train leaves the station)

Bert: (sadly) Goodbye, Lisa.

(Bert is singing and playing 'Teach Me' on his guitar upstairs)

Ralph: Honestly, if I hear that love song one more time...
Melissa: Oh come on Ralph. Don't you remember what your first crush felt like?
Ralph: Yeah, I had a hard time getting over it. But I wrote poetry. It's quieter.

(Cedric arrives at the Raccoondominium)

Cedric: Morning! I brought you mail!
Ralph and Melissa: Morning, Cedric.
Cedric: I thought maybe, Bert felt like going fishing today.
Ralph: Well, you can try. Maybe you'll have better luck than I've had.
Melissa: Maybe you'll have better luck if you deliver this letter.
Cedric: Okay, Melissa.
Ralph: Hope it's a recording contract, then he could take his show on the road.

(last lines)

Bert: YAHOO! She wrote to me! Lisa wrote the letter! And look how she signed it! Look look look! "Your friend, always... Lisa." Aw, isn't life wonderful?


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