Stress Test!
Season 5, Episode 2
(Ain't Nothin' But A) House Party
Air Date 1990
Previous Cold Feet!
Next Moving In!

Stress Test! was episode 49.


When Cyril Sneer is taken to the hospital after getting an ulcer, it is up to the pigs to keep track of his big land deal. Meanwhile, Bert gets ripped off by Milton Midas, and attempts to retrieve a refund.


Milton Midas makes his presence manifest by trying to dupe Cyril into buying swampland. However, just before he signs the deal, Cyril falls prey to an ulcer and is forced to go to the hospital. Thus, the Pigs are placed in charge of Sneer Mansion and throw a wild party and Bert also experiences the deception of Midas.

Cyril becomes a friend of Danny, a fellow patient at the hospital while the Pigs continue to wreak havoc in their employer's absence. As for Midas, his star rises in an extremely deceptive manner, although things may soon unravel.

Finally, Midas is exposed in the most embarrassing manner and Cyril makes it out all right.




  • First real appearance of Milton Midas, and the only appearance of his henchman Seymour (His real name is Robin Steel).
  • This is the first time since The Raccoons and the Lost Star, we hear Bert shout, "Bert Raccoon, Flying Ace!"
  • Second appearance of Dr. Canard.
  • First and only appearances of Danny (voiced by Stuart Stone, who would later replace Noam Zylberman as Bentley) and Nurse Peck (voiced by Debra McGrath).
  • Cyril tries his Groucho Marx disguise from Making the Grade to try and escape the hospital, but it fails.
  • Mr. Barnes and Lefty make cameos at the Pigs' party.
  • Mr. Mammoth and his sidekick, Mr. Knox, Lady Baden-Baden, and J.P. Gordon each make cameos at Midas' auction.
  • Cyril is seen smoking in the hospital, shouldn't he have been told he is not allowed to smoke in a hospital.
  • Cyril appears to be scared of needles but faces his fear after some help from Danny.
  • This episode show another heartwarming moment where Cyril shows his soft side and is seen showing sympathy towards Danny.
  • We hear the hospital P.A. calling, "Dr. Blair" and "Dr. J. Hamilton". A reference to the show's two respective opaquers, Myrna Blair and Eleanor Hamilton.
  • The Nature of Danny's illness is never disclosed.
  • Milton Midas's assistant (Robin Steale) owns a pink 1954 Cadillac series 62 convertible.
  • A duck similar to Looney Tunes character Daffy Duck makes a cameo when the pigs invite the Evergreeners to Sneer Mansion.
  • The pigs' party is similar to Rodrick Heffley's party when his parents are away in Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules.

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