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The Evergreen Grand Prix
Season 1, Episode 4
Air Date November 11, 1985
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The Evergreen Grand Prix is the 4th episode of The Raccoons.


The Raccoons' way of life is threatened when Cyril Sneer announces his bid for a lucrative contract from Mammoth Industries. If he wins he will pave over the forest and build an automobile plant. Unless Cedric's solar-powered car can defeat Cyril's gas guzzling hot rod in a race, the forest is doomed.

The contest proves an arduous one to the point where Cyril takes over the driving of his conventional car and barely wins as it falls apart. However, Mr. Mammoth dismisses the result and, more interested in the solar-powered car with its performance, insists on taking it for a test drive personally. Although Cyril Sneer futilely attempts to persuade Mammoth to reconsider, he still eventually finds himself coming out ahead considering the solar car concept is owned by his business as well and he profits handsomely from its success.




  • First appearance of Mr. Mammoth and his bird Sidekick. Also the first time we hear him speak clearly briefly.
  • First and only appearances of the Solar Coaster and the Sneer Mobile. Same goes for the Scottish accented race commentator, Haggis Lamborgini (whose last name is a play on the Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.), voiced by Derek Diorio.
  • One of the animators for this episode was Nik Ranieri who would later work as supervising animator for many character for Walt Disney Animation Studios.
  • During the shot where Bert is surprised that the Sneermobile is Cedric's, Melissa has a tan underbelly like she had in The Raccoons and the Lost Star.


Cyril: (about the Sneermobile) I want this thing to guzzle gas, belch smoke, and tear up the pavement, not necessarily in that order!

Ralph: This could be the end of the forest as we know it!
Melissa: This could be the end of our way of life!
Bert: Hey! This could be the beginning of a brand new career!

Cyril: Careful you swine. Ruin this opportunity for me, and you'll all be invited to a big barbeque. Hah. As the main course!

Cyril: Wait til you see the lead we take in this lap Mammoth! There'll be enough daylight between us and them to fill an Arctic Summer!

Cyril: You porkers couldn't pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel!

Cyril: Out of my way! I've got millions to make!


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