The Paper Chase!
Season 3, Episode 11
Air Date 1988
Previous Trouble Shooter!
Next Simon Says!
The Paper Chase! was episode 32.

Premise Edit

When Ralph gets nominated by the civic election committee for his work on the standard, he turns into an egotistical jerk in an attempt to improve every aspect of the paper. Meanwhile, Cyril Sneer is elected for a business award, but his winning is jeopardized when the Bears go on strike. He leaves the Pigs in charge of negotiation.

Plot Edit

Ralph is in line for prestigious award, but he makes life unbearable for Melissa, Bert and even Schaeffer. Meanwhile, Cyril is in danger of incurring fines for having trouble in keeping labor peace within his own company. Finally, Melissa becomes fed up with Ralph's antics and leaves him high and dry. Nevertheless, she, Bert and Schaeffer change course and help him out in a time of need. As for Cyril, his problems ensue. Fortunately, for both Cyril and Ralph, things work out in the end.

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