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The Prism of Zenda!
Season 3, Episode 1
Air Date 1988
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The Prism of Zenda! is the 22nd episode of The Raccoons.


When Lady Baden-Baden's priceless Prism of Zenda is stolen out from under Cyril Sneer's nose, it is up to Bert Raccoon - Ace Detective - to find it and save the day before Mr. Knox and Lady Baden-Baden find out what has happened.


After Cyril loses the precious Prism of Zenda in a promotion for his film on Saskatchewan Smith, he offers anyone who can find it a role in the movie. Thus, Bert Raccoon Ace Detective is on the case while he swiftly finds excellent clues. After trying various stratagems, Bert is finally successful in uncovering the Prism of Zenda, which means the other one Cyril is supposedly searching, is a fake. While Cyril and the Pigs break into Knox Mansion to return the Prism of Zenda, the Cajun croc catches them in the act and proceeds to have them jailed.




  • Lady Baden-Baden notes that the Prism of Zenda has been in her family ever since Saskatchewan Smith gave it to her great-great-grandmother.
  • Saskatchewan Smith is a parody of Indiana Jones.
  • Bert can be seen impersonating the legendary Humphrey Bogart.
  • It turns out that Mr. Knox never really trusted Cyril with the REAL prism, as the real prism was in Knox Mansion, and he gave Cyril a fake from the beginning.
  • One of the pigs is seen taking and eating Cyril's lunch.
  • Melissa is seen in this episode yet she does not speak at all during this episode.


(Cyril looks at a fishtank full of goldfish, which is being used as a prop to promote a movie he is financing)

Cyril: You were supposed to get piranha. Saskatchewan Smith did not wade through goldfish infested rivers!
Pig One: But boss, you only gave us ten bucks to buy props!
Cyril: Don't give me cheap excuses!

Pig Three: We've blown a fuse!
Cyril: I'M going to blow a fuse if you don't get these lights back on!

Mr Knox: Here's your credit card, Mr Sneer.
Cyril: It's worn out!
Lady Baden-Baden: Yes, I'm afraid I got a bit carried away. I had to rent a truck to get it all home!

Pig One: Don't you think you'd better tell the truth, boss?
Cyril: Don't be ridiculous! I'd better think of a better lie!


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