The Racoons Cartoon Intro

The Racoons Cartoon Intro

The Racoons Intro

The Raccoons is a Canadian animated television series, first broadcast from 1985 to 1991 with four preceding television specials starting from 1980. The series was created by Kevin Gillis, and produced first at Atkinson Film-Arts (from 1985–1986), then at newly established Hinton Animation Studios (from 1987 on)[1] with the cooperation of the Wikipedia:Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The Spanish dub of the show is distributed internationally by 20th Century Fox International Television. The show is currently being broadcast in Canada on Teletoon Retro.


The series features the adventures in the Evergreen Forest, "quiet, peaceful, serene", (which is depicted to be in Western Canada) of Bert Raccoon and his friends Ralph and Melissa, particularly in their attempts to thwart the industrialist actions of pink aardvark Cyril Sneer and his trio of pig henchmen. Another interesting character was the capitalist Mr. Knox—a crocodile with a New Orleans accent. Cyril's son Cedric is Bert's best friend.

Usually, the series would feature the main characters learning major life lessons in teamwork, friendship, cooperation, and sometimes just helping out their fellow friends that live near the forest, human and animal alike, tangling with the tyrannical tycoon Cyril Sneer, who does not let anything as trivial as nature's defining highlights (trees, lakes, etc) prevent him attempting to obtain a profit.

One unique element of the series is that Cyril gradually evolves from an unrepentantly destructive capitalist to a likable and environmentally responsible, if still highly aggressive, businessman and occasional ally of the Raccoons.


Debuting in 1980 with The Christmas Raccoons TV special, The Raccoons slowly began its journey to becoming a regular animated series, using assorted specials over the next few years as stepping stones (The Raccoons On Ice, The Raccoons and the Lost Star, Let's Dance), before finally becoming a regular series in 1985. Five seasons of episodes were produced, airing from 1985 to 1991.

In 1989, a new character by the name of Lisa Raccoon was introduced into the series. Lisa is Ralph and Melissa's niece, and the statuesque older sister of Bentley Raccoon, and the eldest child of George and Nicole Raccoon. She is the love interest/best friend of Bert Raccoon. Lisa made her debut in Spring Fever, she was voiced by Lisa Lougheed, the singer of the series' ending theme.

In 2003, As Long As Forever: A Raccoons Movie was listed as being in development on the Canadian Television Fund's website [2] in the "Development Projects" section, however since then information has been posted to the Canadian Television Fund's website about it.

The series returned to Canadian television on the new Teletoon Retro network, which launched October 1, 2007.

Unlike many cartoon series from the 1980s, The Raccoons was not heavily merchandised. Today it has a small cult following, particularly in Canada, the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation.


Run With Us - Lisa Lougheed

Run With Us - Lisa Lougheed

Music video for The Raccoons theme song Run With Us

The series had a New Wave soundtrack including the theme song "Run With Us" by cast member Lisa Lougheed a minor chart success in some countries, and covered more recently by Spray.[3] Season 1 ended with a different version of the song, not sung by Lougheed. "Run With Us" was performed in Season 1 by Stephen Lunt. In the first season the Wikipedia: French Canadian singer Luba performed several songs, several of which were later re-recorded by Lougheed for use in other seasons. There were also several other songs performed by other musicians such as Rita Coolidge and Rupert Holmes who performed songs for the first special, Leo Sayer and Coolidge again for the second, and John Schneider and Dottie West for the last TV special. Rory Dodd, The Dior Bros. [4] (actually Kevin Gillis and Jon Stroll under a pseudonym), and several other musicians also had songs performed, although somewhat rarely compared to the aforementioned people. The earlier version of "Run With Us", like quite a few of the other songs from The Raccoons, were never officially released. Nine of the songs from the series featured on Lougheed's 1988 album Evergreen Nights. However Lougheed only sung most of the songs (sometimes in duets), while a couple of the songs were sung by other artists (Curtis King Jr and Stephen Lunt). The French version of "Run With Us", as well as most of Luba and Lisa Lougheeds songs, was performed by the French Canadian singer Jano Bergeron and titled "Viens Vers Nous".

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The series was broadcast around the world by the following channels:

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In 2004, Morningstar Entertainment released The Raccoons on DVD for the first time. Two 9-episode boxsets entitled "The Raccoons: Collector's Set 1" and "The Raccoons: Collector's Set 2" were released, each containing 3 discs that were also available separately. The first set contained nine of the ten episodes from series 2 (omitting "Stop the Clock") and the second set contained the first nine episodes of series 3.

A 2-disc region 2 PAL DVD release of the complete series 1 was released on September 17, 2007 through Fabulous Films Ltd. They later released a DVD entitled "Three Adventures With The Raccoons" on April 7, 2008. This DVD contained the first 3 episodes of Series 1. Series 2 was released on April 20, 2009 by Fabulous Films Ltd. DVD extras on the set include character model sheets and a documentary.


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