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Opening Credits[]

Ending Credits[]

  • Produced and Directed by: Kevin Gillis
  • Executive Producer: Sheldon S. Wiseman
  • Written by: Kevin Gillis
  • Script Consultant: Juliet Packer
  • Animation Directed by: Paul Schibli and Chris Schouten
  • Songs Composed by: Kevin Gillis
  • Music Arrangements by: Jon Stroll
  • Music Direction and Score by: Jon Stroll and Kevin Gillis
  • Concertmaster: John Gazsi
  • Voices by:
  • "Calling You" Sung by: John Schneider
  • "You Can Do It" Sung by: Leo Sayer
  • "Takin' My Time" Sung by: Leo Sayer
  • "To Have You" Sung by: Rita Coolidge and Leo Sayer
  • "Lions and Tigers" Sung by: Dottie West
  • "Friends" Sung by: John Schneider and Dottie West
  • "Shining" Sung by: John Schneider
  • Video Edited by: Gerry Stoll
  • Film and Sound Edited by: Norman LeBlanc
  • Assisted by: Jennifer Irwin
  • Layout and Design by: Paul Schibli and Chris Schouten
  • Backgrounds by: Michel Guerin
  • Animated by: Kathy Harker Fiander, Scott Fiander, Sebastian Grunstra, Shivan Ramsaran, Paul Schibli, Chris Schouten
  • Assisted by: Mik Casey, Gloria Hsu, Mary Lynn Morris, Rick Morrison
  • Production Managed by: Ursula Clarkson
  • Post Production Coordinated by: Andre Papp
  • Xerography by: Ulrich Blazejewski, Cathy Morriscey, Mary Crawford
  • Opaquing Supervised by: Nancy White and Lise Murka
  • Opaquing by: Barry Atkinson, Ron Black, Vera Herring, Clayton Jacobs, Dave Mepham, François St-Amour, Karen Shingles, Ingrid Thomas, Doug Williams
  • Recording by: John Cybanski, Holly Peterson, Scott Hendricks
  • Re-Recording by: Michel Descombes, Paul Gagnon · Sonolab Inc.
  • Camera by: Film Docteur Du Quebec Inc. · Jim Pacquette, Serge Langlois, Pierre Provost
  • Processing by: Sonolab
  • Animation by: Atkinson Film-Arts Ltd.
  • Post Production Facilities by: National Video Center Recording Studios, Inc., New York City
  • Many Thanks to: Jeff Pastolove and Steve Ostrow
  • Produced with the cooperation of: Embassy Home Entertainment Inc. · Robin Montgomery, Al Eicher, Robert Blay
  • Special Thanks to: Robin Montgomery
  • "The Raccoons: Let's Dance!"
  • A Gillis-Wiseman/Embassy Home Entertainment Co-Production
  • © 1984 Evergreen Raccoons Marketing Inc. · All Rights Reserved