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The Sky's the Limit!
Season 4, Episode 2
Air Date 1989
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The Sky's the Limit! is the 36th episode of The Raccoons.


Ralph jealously competes in the Evergreen Air Show when Melissa's old lover (Troy Malone) comes to call.


Melissa's old flame, Troy Malone, a polyglot ace pilot, returns for the Evergreen Air Show and while she and Troy get along well, Ralph begins to feel left out, realizing he's not as debonaire as Troy. While Melissa continues to do activities with Troy, Ralph feels increasingly left out and begins to think it's shameful to record the exploits of great men, instead of being one, and volunteers to be Cyril's pilot.

Finally, Melissa sees Ralph in action and gives him a piece of her mind. She manifests her love for Ralph afterwards while Troy slinks off into the sunset.




  • This is the only appearance of Troy Malone, voiced by Barry Bailey. Apparently, he's been all over the world, flying missions (search-and-rescue and medical evacuations), and speaks ten languages. He is also the first raccoon in the series ever to be fully-clothed.
  • The characters at costume dance are dressed as the following - Bert as a musketeer, Troy as a "dashing aviator", Mr. Knox and Lady Baden-Baden as people from Ancient Greece, one of Cyril's bears as a pirate, Melissa as an angel, Cedric as a computer, and Ralph as a carrot.
  • Also, the courier from Last Legs! can be seen attending the party.
  • In Ralph's fantasy, Super-Ralph is a parody of Superman.
  • The Evergreen 504 engine, with its coal tender, and its caboose, makes a cameo appearance in Ralph's fantasy. Also, in Ralph's fantasy, we see Melissa with a female raccoon kit/baby.
    • However, Melissa's female kit is Melissa and Ralph's daughter, Wendy.
    • This is also the only appearance Wendy appears in Ralph's fantasy in this episode.
  • Ralph fights his fear of flying in this episode. This was stated in Blast from the Past!.
  • This episode was dedicated to the memory of The Raccoons writer B.P. Nichol.
  • This is Susan Roman's favorite episode.
  • In the last scenes after Troy shut off the Sneer plane's engine, Melissa's angel outfit is sleeveless instead of long sleeves.
  • This is the first episode animated by Greg Bailey (the animator and director of Arthur, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, The Real Ghostbusters, Dinosaucers, C.O.P.S., The Little Flying Bears, and others).
  • The title of this episode is very similar to other occasions.
  • When Cyril went offscreen to punish the pigs for tricking him, Melissa is wearing a long-sleeve shirt instead of her sleeveless one.


(The Pigs are helping haul out Cyril Sneer's stunt plane)

Melissa: (To the Pigs) My, you three look dashing!
Pig One: I hope we look as dashing when we're crashing!

Cyril: There's $50,000 in prize money up for grabs in that pylon race! And you're going to win it!
Pig Three: (mumbling) Or die trying!

Cyril: Of all the rotten luck! Before that hotshot Troy Malone turned up, I had this air race in the bag! We were the only entry!

Pig One: Okay, get ready for the engine test! And let's hope it doesn't work!

Troy Malone: Does anybody wanna zip down at the airfield and take a spinnin' biplane?
Bert: WOW! (laughs) I thought you never ask! Let's go, Melissa!

Bert: If there's anything you wanna talk about, just let me know, okay?
Ralph: I will. Thanks, Bert.
Bert: Okay, Ralph. Uh, I'll see you later.
Ralph: Face it, Ralph. Some guys make the news... and some guys just write it down.

(The Pigs enter the Evergreen Standard's office, covered in bandages)

Ralph: What happened to you three?
Pig One: It's a sad and a painful story.
Pig Two: Oh yeah. We didn't even see the cement truck! No, not at all!
Pig Three: And what do you think the chances are of being hit by a meteorite?
Ralph: Zero. What can I do for you?
Pig One: We want to place an ad. For a pilot.
Ralph: A pilot? The race'll be over before the Standard comes out.
Pig Two: Well that's not our problem. But the boss can't say we didn't try!

Cedric: Gee Ralph, are you sure you're up to this? You haven't logged all that many flying hours.
Ralph: Maybe not Cedric. But I've had it up to here with Troy Malone. I'm going to give him a run for his money.
Cyril: It's not his money. It's my money. Now get out there and bring back that fifty grand. And don't wreck my plane!

Cyril: How's my ace pilot doing?
Cedric: Well, he's still in the air Pop.

Bert: You were TERRIFIC! That's the best crash I ever saw!
Ralph: Huh... thanks Bert... I think.

(last lines)

Ralph: Here's looking at you, kid!
Melissa: (laughs)
Troy Malone: (clears throat)
Ralph: Troy! Pull up a chair and join us!
Melissa: Yes!
Troy Malone: Oh no, I just came to say goodbye. Besides, three's a crowd. No hard feelings about the race? Eh, Ralph?
Ralph: Of course not. Well, wherever you're off to, we wish you the best of luck, Troy.
Troy Malone: Thanks Ralph, Melissa. (whispering) Psst, Schaeffer... (takes some money out of his wallet) To Ralph and Melissa's dinner...well, it's on me.


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