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The Wrong Stuff!
Season 5, Episode 9
Air Date 1990
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The Wrong Stuff! is the 56th episode of The Raccoons.


As Cyril is about to launch his own satellite TV service, the notion excites Ralph and Schaeffer over 40 sports channels, while the Pigs attempt to transmit a message to their mother for Mother's Day. Elsewhere, to prove to his parents he is capable of handling his own dog, Bert allows Bentley to watch over Broo for the weekend. He fails though, when Broo gets trapped inside Cyril's satellite, thus leading to a time sensitive chase to save him.


As Cyril is preparing to launch his own satellite, Sneer-1 (aprox. 340 television channels, of which 40 are sports channels), Ralph and Schaeffer are ready for all the numerous sports packages available (Schaeffer even invested in a giant TV for the Blue Spruce Cafe) while Bentley desperately wants a puppy, so Bert allows him to watch Broo for a few days.

While Ralph and Schaeffer await the launch of Cyril's satellite, which rivals Knox's in scope and magnitude, Bentley has little lack of concentration when he should be watching Broo.

Three days after Cyril's satellite is launched, the only possible programming turns out to be the Pigs doing a tribute to their mom, who bless her heart, is sick and tired of her boys in a loop. Thus, Cyril has no option but to blow up his own satellite while in its wake, Knox's satellite system reigns supreme.




  • Cyril finally blew up the satellite but unfortunately got Knox's screen and they all scream in fear to turn it off.
  • In one shot during the scene where Bert, Cedric, Broo, and Bentley escape from the launch point, Nicole is missing her sleeves.
  • This is the last episode Broo was voiced by Sharon Lewis and Nicole was voiced by Elizabeth Hanna.
  • This is the sixth episode Pig One was voiced by Keith Hampshire.
  • The title of this episode is named after The Littles episode.


Bentley: Aw, come on! You never let me have anything!
Nicole: Oh, you poor deprived child! George, why are we such horrible monsters to our wonderful little boy?
George: I guess we're just rotten through and through, Nicole.
Bentley: Naw, you're the best, sweetest, most, understanding parents in the world. That's why you should let me have a puppy!
Nicole: Bentley, for the last time you cannot have a puppy, until, you've proven you're responsible enough to take care of one!
Bentley: I just DID the dishes, didn't I? And you didn't even have to ask me! I AM responsible!
Nicole: Uh-huh. And what happened to your goldfish?
Bentley: But... I was just a kid then! If I had a puppy, I'd walk him, and feed him, and I'd be the best friend a puppy ever had!
George: You heard your mother, Bentley.
Bentley: Fine. I guess I'm only just gonna be a lonely boy without a dog... for the rest of my natural life. Sheesh.

Pig One: Where no man has broadcast before. (gets an idea) Boys, I've got it! This is gonna be a Mother's Day Mom will never forget!

Melissa: What? No hockey?
Ralph: She's right! It starts next week!

Bentley: I'm not allowed to have a puppy... until I'm... responsible. And how am I supposed to get responsible? If Mom and Dad won't let me have a puppy to prove I already AM responsible!

Bentley: This is great! I'll be the best puppy watcher in the world!

Bert: I'm proud of you, Broo. Helpin' out a friend like this.
Broo: Woof!

Bentley: I don't believe it! They said yes! He can stay here for a whole couple of days!
Broo: Woof, woof!
Bentley: Bert, you just made me the happiest kid in the universe.
Broo: Woof, woof!

Ralph: Okay, Schaeffer, how about this? If we change next Friday from the hockey game to the football game, that means we can watch the baseball playoff, and still catch the golf tournament!
Schaeffer: Not bad, but, what about the snooker challenge?
Ralph: Oh yeah. Wait! It's on during the baseball game! We can flip between innings!
Melissa: Ralph?
Ralph: Hi, Melissa. Oh, hi, Nicole. Didn't hear you come in.
Melissa: Look what we got! Tickets for the ballet next Wednesday! We stood in line for two hours, but...
Ralph: Wednesday... Wednesday... Ah, here we are! Oh, gee! Not a chance, Melissa! We've got to watch the divisional synchronized swimming finals on Wednesday!
Schaeffer: And third round sumo wrestling's on right after.
Melissa: Oh, well, you couldn't miss that, could you?

Bert: Okay, now you've got all Broo's stuff, but, uh, we better go over the list one more time. Let's see. Now you've got to walk him...
Bentley: ...four times a day, brush him once a day, he gets two bowls of puppy munch, and fresh water at all times. I got it, Bert. Just relax!
Nicole: All set, Bentley?
Bentley: You bet!
Bert: Now you'll have a good time with Bentley, okay, little buddy?
Bentley: See ya, Bert. Come on, Broo!
Nicole: Don't worry, Bert, Broo will be fine.

Bert: Bentley, where's Broo?
Bentley: I left him outside. I told him to wait by the door.
Bert: You left him outside? Alone? You call that looking after a puppy?
Bentley: But it's only for a few minutes! And what could happen to him anyway?
Bert: That's not the point Bentley, you said you'd look after him!

Bentley: So Mom and Dad said I wasn't ready to take responsibility for a puppy.
Bert: Well...
Bentley: Yeah, yeah. You don't have to say it. They're right.
Bert: However, it seems to me that admitting you're not ready for responsibility shows a certain amount of responsibility!

(The Pigs' broadcast for their mother has been on TV for three days)

Schaeffer: It's on every channel!
Ralph: (wails) All 340! No hockey, no football, no championship darts! No divisional synchronised swimming finals!
Schaeffer: I don't think this is going to be very good for business, Ralph.
Ralph: (tearful) I think I'm going to cry Schaeffer!


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