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Trouble Shooter!
Season 3, Episode 10
Air Date 1988
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Trouble Shooter! is the 31st episode of The Raccoons.


When Bert and Cedric find Bentley in the old fort, they take him in and find out that he went through a personal crisis and has run away from home. Meanwhile, the Sneer Mansion's new computerized security system malfunctions, and attempts to kill Cyril and the Pigs.


At night, Bert and Cedric along with Broo, reach the old fort. Once arriving, Bert sees a flicker of light inside, thinking there's a ghost inside. Broo charges inside as Bert and Cedric go in the dark fort. When they turn the lights, they see Bentley Raccoon!

The next morning, at Sneer Mansion, the Pigs install a new security system, despite Cyril's lack of belief. At the fort, Bentley not wanting anyone else knowing has Bert promise not to tell anyone, including Ralph and Melissa. Meanwhile, the pigs complete setting up the computer system, which pleases Cyril. At the Raccoondominium, Bert picks up some food and a few books, despite being stopped by Ralph, Bert returns to the fort, of course when Bentley is given a book called "College Mathematics" Bentley accuses Bert of violating his promise, and after Bert asked Bentley if he failed math. Bentley, explains to Bert that He used his computer, to hack into the school system to get a better mark, Bentley then walked back to the fort.

In the Pigs' lounge, They decide to get a raise, after doing so much installing the computer system. Soon, Bert having had enough of Bentley being despondent, calls out the young raccoon for not wanting to face up to His problem but, Ralph and Melissa come in, surprised that Bentley is here. At the Raccoondominium, Ralph told Bentley's parents, who are worried and said that he can stay for some time as Bentley goes outside to think. At a lake, Bentley remembers his good memories he had with his parents, including when he got a computer for his birthday. After Bentley's memories, he cries.

In the main computer room, the Pigs go through the payroll program to get their raise, but when Cyril walks in, one of the Pigs accidentally drops his drink, which falls on the computer, causing it to short circuit and activate the self protection program, to attack Cyril and the pigs as Cedric is locked out. Cedric knowing his dad is in danger, goes to get help. He then gets to the Raccoondominium and gets Bert and Bentley. Inside Sneer mansion, Cyril has one of the Pigs go to a phone to get help, but the computer cuts off all communication since the self-protection program is still in effect. Outside, Bentley spots a telephone line and they get past the lasers. Bentley wires His computer to the telephone line and shuts down the mansion's security system, seconds before Cyril and the pigs drown. Cyril thanks Bentley for what he did, and offers him a job at Sneer Enterprises once he finishes school. Bentley, sadly, walls off. At the Evergreen Standard, Bentley misheard Bert, Ralph and Melissa‘s conversation, and leaves a paper saying that he’s be leaving.

While the Raccoons and Cedric search the forest for the young raccoon, Bentley is spotted by Cyril. Cyril explains to Bentley about a kid who ran away from Home, and became rich, of course He had hardships along the way. and despite how good Money is, it can’t buy back the year lost. Cyril's phone rings and he answers it, then gives it to Bentley, and Bentley, noticing His parents are on the phone, tearfully apologizes for running away, back at the Raccoondominium, The Raccoons see Bentley safe and sound and goes to get His things, and return home, via Cyril’s car. The next day Bert reads a letter from Bentley that he's grounded for a month and has to stay after school for the entire term, but doesn’t mind it, and to tell Mr. Sneer that everything’s all right and he won’t be like that other kid, much to Ralph and Melissa’s bewilderment.




  • It was stated by Melissa in Stop the Clock! that Bentley was her or Ralph's cousin, but in this episode (and all future appearances) he is referred to as being Ralph and Melissa's nephew, so it's possible Melissa might have mispronounced Bentley as their cousin.
  • First episode to feature Bentley's parents, George and Nicole Raccoon, in a silent cameo; the two would become semi-regular characters in the fifth and final season.
  • Susan Roman voices the computer.
  • Mr. Mammoth is mentioned.
  • In one of Bentley's memories with his mother, when he splattered the food on her face the first time, she had beady eyes that only the male raccoon characters have.
  • Stock footages from Surprise Attack, The Sweet Smell of Success! and The Chips Are Down! are used.
  • In this episode after Cyril tells Bentley about how running away from home isn't a good thing, when Bentley is speaking to his parents we see Cyril crying for the first time.
  • In this episode whilst trapped in the mansion, Cyril does an impression of the pigs after they said the computer would do everything and never makes mistakes.
  • When the computer finds Cyril and the pigs, Cyril utters "Peace?" whilst doing the peace sign.
  • This episode marks the first time that Cyril is seen showing his soft side towards another character besides Cedric. He is seen showing compassion and sympathy towards Bentley Raccoon, and after this episode Cyril and Bentley become friends.


Ralph: Okay, Bentley. I talked to your parents and they're very worried. They said it's all right for you to stay here a while. I told them you were okay but they'd rather hear it from you.
Bentley: They'd be better off if they never heard from me again.
Melissa: That's a terrible thing to say, Bentley.
Bentley: I think I'll take a walk.
Bert: I'll go with you, little buddy.
Bentley: I'd rather be alone, Bert.
Bert: Don't worry. I'm this close to straightening him out. I got away with kids.

Bert: Here you are Bentley, this should keep you going for a while. Hey, I even brought some books I thought you might like.
Bentley: Thanks a lot Bert, you're a real... (Looks at one of the book covers) COLLEGE MATHEMATICS?! You talked to my parents, didn't you? And they told you, didn't they? And you PROMISED!
Bert: I don't know what you're talking about Bentley!
Bentley: Oh, sure! Then how do you know about the mathematics? You're just trying to make me feel guilty!
Bert: About what?! (Something dawns on Bert.) Hey...did you fail math or something?
Bentley: As if you didn't know! Breaking into the school system was easy with my computer. So what if I gave myself a better mark? I wanted to be first! So I cheated, big deal! So now you know why I ran away. I'm a...a criminal...but I don't care!

Cedric: We could use some help with these dishes, Bentley!
Bentley: Oh lay off! I don't have to do anything I don't want to!
Bert: OK, I've had enough of this! Big tough guy huh?
Cedric: Shh, He'll hear you!
Bert: Doesn't need anybody! Makes a mistake and then can't face up to it! Runs away!
Cedric: Em, Bert, Remember, Understanding...
Bert: THIS HAS GOT TO BE SAID! So you want a life on the road eh Bentley? No home? No family? No friends? You wanna be a...a fugitive, right?
Bentley: That's right, a fugitive!
Bert: Never knowing if the next person you see is gonna put the finger on you and say, "There! That's the kid who cheated on his math mark!" HUH! Some life! Is that what you want?
Bentley: Maybe...and maybe not...what else is there?
Bert: Well....for starters come and help us with the dishes, we'll figure out the rest later, okay?
Bentley: Okay Bert.

Cyril: Great! Held prisoner in my own home, by a computer no less! "It'll do everything" you said! "It never makes mistakes" you said!
Pig One: Eh, Heh, Heh...Just a few bugs in the system, Sir.
Cyril: And you bug brains programmed the system! I'll reprogram you when we get out of here!

Bert: (After avoiding the lasers) YOW! Phew, made it...but my sweater will never be the same.

Pig One: What did we ever do before we got this computer?
Pig Three: Huh! Too much!

Cyril: (to Bentley) The point is, the only thing you're running away from is yourself. And that doesn't work, because no matter where you go, there you are. I want to tell you a story about a kid I knew. He ran away once. He thought he could make it on his own without friends. Without parents. Without a home. You know what...
Bentley: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard it all before! He ended up poor and homeless, right?
Cyril: Wrong! He's a millionaire. But there were a lot of lost and lonely years before he made it. And nice as money is, it can't buy back those years. Am I getting through?
Bentley: I... I guess so.
Cyril: You might think you're tough and brave running away, but believe me, it takes more courage to face up to your mistakes. Turn back while there's still time. Don't be like the kid in the story Bentley.
Bentley: Was that kid... you, Mr Sneer?

(Cyril doesn't reply)


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