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About me

For those who wish to know, I have a disability known as autism, and I come from a family of Christians, so I am a believer in the Lord. I am an American, but I am of Irish, Scottish, English and Danish descent.

I also have a Youtube page,

I have a contact in the United Kingdom, Sricketts14381, whom I have written helped written various Raccoon fanfics (some of which are crossovers with Alvin and the Chipmunks, and their sweethearts, the Chipettes). You can check 'em out here at I also have another contact in California, User:Turtle Soup, who plans to making a reboot of the Raccoons series, returning it to it's original basis in the specials and the first season while at the same time have the same feel as the series we've all grown to love. You can check out his art at

I'm a firm fan of Cedric/Sophia shipping, ever since I used to have episode 4 - The Evergreen Grand Prix - on an old VHS 2 decades ago.

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